Zhuzhou old man fishing hooks hook three times without success trying to pull out the original title: Zhuzhou old hooks hook three times to pull out without success in September 19th, 70 year old Zhuzhou Huaigong Qi (a pseudonym) of the index finger of his left hand scars are still clear, before this, he in the outdoor fishing hook is thrown, the hook hook finger, trying to pull out after unsuccessful, came to the foot of the TCM Hospital Department of Traumatology to remove the hook. The director of the Department, deputy chief physician Li Kanggui said that every year will encounter five or six cases, "do not recommend self pulled out, otherwise it will aggravate the injury."." Retirement home, xianlaiwushi, Qi Huaigong love on fishing, often in a moment to fish, always make him very excited, but also can be happy. A few days ago, as usual, he left hook, but the hook hooked his left index finger, in desperation, his three consecutive try to pull out the hook, did not succeed, then rushed to the hospital for treatment of HFMD in Department of traumatology. "When patients injured finger blood oozing wound, about 1 cm deep, we carried out cleaning and disinfection of the wound, playing down slightly in the direction of the hook after anesthesia debridement, and separation of the soft tissue, the fishhook hangnail hooked muscle, successfully removed hook, wound dressing, Tetanus Antitoxin injection." Li Kanggui said that if patients with barbed hooks, pretty pull hook, there may be damage to blood vessels, nerves and tendons and other important structures. "Like this, been hooked stop come to us, we probably have a year from five or six cases." Li Kanggui suggested that fishing enthusiasts in fishing swing hook to master the main points of action, in addition to collecting good hooks at home, avoid inadvertently hurt by it. Li Kanggui also stressed that with the development of social economy, and unemployment in many retired workers home, more and more people love fishing, but fishing in recent years due to throw, hit power lines, unfortunately there are the cases of electric shock, "so, fishing enthusiasts in the fishing, attention must be paid to the watch head to avoid the tragedy." (red net Zhuzhou Railway Station author Du Fangjiang) video recommendation: guy hook hook eyelids, two departments doctors took out together

株洲老人钓鱼时被鱼钩勾住 三次试图拔出未成功原标题:株洲老人被鱼钩勾住 三次试图拔出未成功9月19日,株洲70来岁的齐淮工(化名)的左手食指上的伤痕依然清晰,在此之前,他在户外钓鱼,甩鱼钩时,被鱼钩勾住手指,试图自行拔出未果后,来到市中医伤科医院手足科才得以取出鱼钩。该科主任,副主任医师李康贵称每年会遇到五六例,“不建议自行拔出,否则会加重损伤。”退休在家,闲来无事,齐淮工喜欢上了钓鱼,每每在鱼上钩的一刹那,总会让他很兴奋,倒也算得上是老有所乐。几天前,就像往常一样,他在甩鱼钩时,岂料鱼钩勾住了他的左手食指,情急之下,他连续三次试图拔出鱼钩,未能成功,于是赶紧来伤科医院手足科进行处理。“来时,患者受伤的手指有血渗出来,伤口大概有1厘米深,我们对伤口进行了清洗、消毒,打麻醉后顺着鱼钩的方向稍微扩创,对鱼钩倒刺勾住的软组织、肌肉进行分离,成功取出鱼钩,包扎伤口,注射破伤风抗毒素等。”李康贵表示,鱼钩带有倒刺,如果患者霸蛮拔出鱼钩,就有可能损伤到血管、神经及肌腱等重要结构。“像这种,被鱼钩勾住手前来就医的,每年我们科大概收治有五六例。”李康贵建议,钓鱼爱好者在钓鱼甩钩时要掌握好动作要领,另外在家要收藏好鱼钩,避免在不经意间被其伤到。李康贵还强调,随着社会经济的发展,以及赋闲在家的退休职工多起来,喜欢钓鱼的人越来越多,但近年因钓鱼甩钩时,碰到高压线,不幸被电击中的也有多例,“所以,钓鱼爱好者在钓鱼时,一定要注意留心观察头上,避免悲剧的发生。”(红网株洲站 作者 杜方江)视频推荐: 小伙被鱼钩勾住眼皮 两科室医生合力取出相关的主题文章: