Zhoukou, a man’s personal information was leaked under the name to take out 4 cars Zhoukou a man’s personal information was leaked name run out of the 4 cars

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Liu in the name of the name of the vehicle registration information query

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days ago, Zhoukou city Shenqiu County Liu Dahe River to · the client to reflect, he in a work accident informed, there are 4 cars registered in his name, which made him restless, so worried about being cheated or suffered other losses. Silaixiangqu, Mr. Liu suspected of personal information was leaked, stolen.

in this regard, Zhoukou city vehicle administration official confirmed that Mr. Liu reflect the situation basically true, at present, they have suggested that Mr. Liu to the public security organs, and will cooperate fully with the authorities handling the case found stolen information.

reflect: under the name of the sudden emergence of 4 cars

Mr. Liu is Shenqiu County Huaidian town people. A few days ago, he handled the registration for the purchase of a new car, the famous has registered 4 car, which makes Liu a look of confusion, some feel alarmed.

"was the query in Shenqiu vehicle administration, after two days, I went to Zhoukou city vehicle administration, the query result is the same." Liu recalled that he further verified that the 4 cars are handled in the name of the client in his name. Among them, Yu PFE261, Yu PK7665, Yu PK1065 these 3 cars is a trustee called Ding handled, the information is displayed in Zhejiang, Shaoxing, more than the town of East Lake people. While a Henan PL5065 car is the trustee for Lee, Lee’s registration information is Anhui province county Shangguan town.

Liu said, whether Ding Mou or Lee, he did not know, and they have never been entrusted to handle the registration of these 4 vehicles. In addition, Mr. Liu also inquires into the 4 vehicles in which the two, there are traffic violations in Linquan County, and Linquan county is one of the registered information of the household registration.

Mr. Liu told reporters that the 4 vehicles are from January 2013 to July in succession to register its name, in all the formalities of registration, are not his signature or fingerprint, leaving only a copy of the ID card. Moreover, in 2013 he worked in the field, in addition to the Spring Festival, usually almost no return to Zhoukou.

said: reflect basically true, information may be stolen

depressed, Mr. Liu to do everything possible to contact the two strange trustee, but in the end there is no result. Silaixiangqu, Liu felt that he might be working in the Zhejiang Shaoxing period, the identity information was leaked.

now, Mr. Liu’s car has a smooth registration, but before the 4 car is how to register his name, is still dense fog.