Zhongshan human tragedy: father-in-law was found cheating son-in-law killed Nandu news reporter Lv Jing correspondent Liu Yuexiang Ma Jieyi Cheng’s wife and fellow improper relationship between men and women, he hold a grudge, carrying knives door theory, did not expect to talk with each other in a dispute, pushing up the hit the other son stabbed to death. Zhongshan City Intermediate People’s court sentenced a life imprisonment, deprived of political rights for life, he refused to accept the appeal, the high court ultimately dismissed the appeal and upheld the original verdict. Knife home theory and Lee Cheng Pukong is the hometown of Hubei. In July 2015, Cheng’s wife admitted that he and Lee had an affair, already 4 months. In addition, Cheng also suspected his wife borrowed 10 thousand yuan to lee. Thought of here, Cheng Qi but want to teach lee. More than 11 July 28, 2015 in the evening, a drink with a dagger to Lee in Zhongshan Nanlang rental housing door, Lee called out. But Lee is not at home at this time. Lee’s wife Liu heard cries of a back door, loudly asked: "are you the old things come yet?" Lee then son-in-law Wang came out, let a person do not curse, then pushing two. Wang turned from the kitchen to pick up the knife cut a medium left hand, impatient and angry way immediately dialed the dagger hidden in the waist, toward Wang stabbed him three or four times, and then run away. Wang heard screams, the family rushed forward, Wang found lying on the ground, a lot of blood flow, and then call the police. Then Wang died, the next day at 3 pm, a process in Nanlang town of Zhongshan city was arrested police. The forensic identification, Wang Mou due to a single blade sharp sting left chest and abdomen caused massive bleeding, lung, liver rupture and death. Argued that excessive defense was transferred back to the trial process, and the process of a counsel for the accused of the charges are no objection, but the counsel of a behavior is over defense, just beyond the limits of necessity and causes the death of a result of Wang, and Wang family has some fault of the case. A confession in court: "I took a dagger to Lee home, my knife is for self-defense, because before Lee said that he was not afraid of me to him. At that time he was not at home, I called out outside lee". As for the tragedy of the occurrence, Cheng argued that I want to kill his heart is not, it is wang." The court held that the process of a confession to kill Lee, then carrying a knife to the Lee family, and take the initiative to stir up trouble, so the act does not constitute excessive defense. And Wang did not have any responsibility for the case, there is no fault in this case. Zhongshan intermediate people’s court believes that the course of his behavior constituted a crime of intentional injury, should be punished according to law, and shall bear civil liability. In view of the process of a justice truthfully confessed crimes, and compensation for incidental civil plaintiff part of the loss, may be given a lighter punishment according to law. June this year, the Zhongshan intermediate people’s Court of First Instance sentenced to life imprisonment, deprived of political rights for life. After the verdict, the process of part of the criminal verdict appealed. Provincial High Court upheld the appeal of a barge return. The decision is final. Read the door for many years of infertility man suffered from the murder of a brutal murder of his father相关的主题文章: