Zhengzhou volunteer water rescue team "eleven" holiday duty to rescue 4 times – in the new network as part of the rescue team in Zhengzhou Ruyi lake for the public obligation to search for valuable items. Lu Kuan photo Beijing, October 7 Zhengzhou Xinhua (reporter door jiedan) day and night more than 400 kilometers back and forth, water for morning rush to the rescue of drowning in search of precious items, the owner encounters fire to help the villagers to properly dispose of…… The 7 day National Day holiday, many people go out in the play to enjoy the happiness of a family union, Zhengzhou city volunteer water rescue team at the expense of the precious time to rest, 4 rescue. In October 7th, the end of the holiday, a part of the team in Danjiangkou reservoir of intense relief, another part of the team has rushed to the shore of the Yellow River, the obligation to clean up holiday tourists accidentally discarded garbage, called for the protection of the mother river. 7, 2 am, Zhengzhou city water volunteer rescue team captain Niu Zhenxi led 4 dive team from Zhengzhou after a road gallop, arrived at the wharf of Xichuan County Xianghua town Song Gang, unfortunately drowning rescue. After understanding, the afternoon of October 6th, several young people in the vicinity of the pier barbecue play, one shoe accidentally fell into the water, a man fishing? Water shoes, accidentally fall into the deep water, trying to rescue a fellow police." Niu Zhenxi told reporters, Xichuan County received a maritime responsible person for help, and the Zhengzhou Red Cross volunteer water rescue team in Yunlong detachment without demur, quickly preparing equipment, notice of divers. Rescue team arrived in the waters after the accident, 7, early in the morning to start the search and rescue. At the beginning of the accident because of the witnesses panic, referring to the location is not accurate, divers searched for more than an hour and found no drowning. Captain Niu Zhenxi according to the situation of the scene to take the sector search method, the guide rope fixed, the divers with the rope head as the axis of the sector to make continuous movement. At 10 am, in the vicinity of the nearly 30 meters to guide the rope, the divers finally found drowning in the water, it will be dragged ashore. "A little busy today, why do you say so? I am just Song Gang to dock, and received a distress call, said the Near East Zhengzhou Ruyi lake, several young people play, accidentally value more than 4 yuan beeswax Bracelet fall into the lake, hoping to help search." Niu Zhenxi said that he had to call to arrange the 10 players early in the morning to help people search the site bracelet. According to reports, Zhengzhou Ruyi Hunan side, the water was waist deep water after the water quality is poor, players move a little on the bottom of the sludge, foul stench visibility is low, but the team has been abandoned the bottom line and hook to hang around, and underwater cobblestone, hand touch and honey wax Bracelet is similar to that of the players in the cold water ten degrees in continuous touch line for more than an hour but could not find one, shivering, had to temporarily evacuate, talk to a good search way and then continue to search for. Members told reporters, like this search and rescue, there are two national day holiday. In October 4th, Xingyang received 119 alarm calls, learned that Xingyang the Yellow River Wang Cun man overboard, a dozen rescue team from different places to rest, rushed to the incident, will rescue the drowning of male students accidentally swim ashore, holding a glimmer of hope, and the emergency rescue team)相关的主题文章: