Zhang Ziyi and Liu Wenmei, as always, Song Jia short hair is how ah? Beijing almost every day are party, but the chance to meet Zhang Ziyi does not, in Erdos a "velvet Yao newborn" conference, Zhang Ziyi, with a face of love and eternal fashion. Zhang Ziyi, dressed in ERDOS design director for its tailored blue cashmere evening dress dress up. V collar and cuff design tightening, with cashmere wearing effect close, the perfect posture to show most incisive. Neutral and slightly blue, and blouses, are set in other shows feminine I added a bit handsome and beauty. Zhang Ziyi has made no secret of the scene on her daughter’s care. After being asked to change the birth of her daughter, what is the most? She said with a smile, very happy very satisfied, always feel very worried about. After the first promotion of his mother to attend the fashion event, Zhang Ziyi said, in addition to do goddess, I want to be a mother. And Zhang Ziyi with the same big cousin Liu Wen. As a spokesperson for the "ERDOS" brand, Liu Wen was dressed in a white shirt with 2017 summer and spring, as well as a specially tailored cashmere dress. Draping white shirt revealed with Tom boy, which was the cashmere dress more exquisite figure, elegant atmosphere. Two different styles in her collision with a harmonious sense of beauty. Big cousin Liu Wen before the departure of the United States has been overflowing screen. Suddenly the style of a turn, we want to see the flower teacher Song Jia. Cover the face, slightly neutral style jacket and pants on the bright stripes of the overall design is very cool and very simple Chinese and western. However, with the short hair of Song Jia’s face, I choose not to see, as well as the selection of short hair fat are the most courageous angel. Who is the Tong Dawei teacher long legs shot did not, fortunately, clothes are handsome, wearing ERDOS17 new spring and summer, warm male god texture style interpretation. Slim small collar suit collocation linen trousers, material mix bring casual fashion sense. Supermodel Jin Dachuan wearing ERDOS 2017 men’s spring and summer. Clean and fresh water green (Aqua) as the main season of the light colored, collocation and white pants, easily without losing the sense of quality.相关的主题文章: