Zhang Lanxin "2" handsome male really adorable man true fans sister for a moment the entertainment Sohu aircraftsman Zhang blueheart blueheart Zhang Zhang and Wang Wei comrades walking blueheart monitor Sohu entertainment concern of the "real man" in season second? Air force article to the fiery staged. Right now, eight recruits training and combat confrontation are gradually into the white hot stage, the feelings between the players is also increasingly deep. Zhang blueheart has always been to the female man image to conquer the audience, both pro lovely and forthright and resolute, circle of countless powder. On the first phase of the program, the new recruits to usher in the most brutal Thor commando combat against the comprehensive training, recruits a class two class respectively as offensive and defensive confrontation. The winner will be able to retain their monitor, with subsequent monitor together into training troops for exercise. In order to defend the monitor, women are doing their best to. The players have been "burst", a bold blue heart again highlight the domineering female man image, bluntly: "if they come, I have one by one they are pressed down!" It seems the Taekwondo title really is not langdexuming. However, after a heroic utterance, Zhang blueheart immediately exposed the lovely side, "this really can not find the object"…… From just into the barracks, Zhang blueheart bold appearance often exposed the little girl lovely side. Man and nature switch adorable sister paper let netizens are praising its true nature, more people evaluate the "good women as a blue heart".相关的主题文章: