The U.S. presidential election voting started zero starting gun also look at the key swing states – election Beijing, Beijing, November 9, after the rally, the primaries, debates, canvass layers of race and screening, the U.S. Eastern time at 0:00 on the 8, with the New Hampshire Dixville pass voters to vote, the 2016 United States presidential election "pistol" officially started. Hilary or Trump? In the end who will eventually become the fifty-eighth president of the White House, the answer will be announced at noon Beijing time on 9. With the results, the four years of the American political drama will slowly drop the curtain. [Hilary Trump] has a "good" catch up from behind the U.S. presidential election known as the "first town of New Hampshire Dixville pass voters," midnight voting in local time at 0:00 on the 8". In only 8 of the votes, Hilary won by a vote of 4 against Trump, the Liberal Party presidential candidate, the president of the United States, with a total of about $1, and a further 1 votes to the last Republican candidate, Mr., who is now on the other side of the world, with a total of about $2, including a total of votes. Hart in the constituency, Hilary is still 17 votes to a record of 14 in the lead in the case of the former president of the United States, the United States and the United States, the United States and the United States, in the. In addition, Johnson won 3 votes and 1 votes, Saunders Kaxiqigede. But in Mills Field’s constituency, with 16 votes to win the final victory of the vote against Hilary, and he got a total of $in the form of a vote of 1 votes in the form of a total of $, with a total of $4. In the end, Trump in the New Hampshire midnight vote, 32 votes to 25 votes, temporarily ahead of Hilary. Although the first billing area of great significance, but because of too few in number, and will not affect the election results. Some analysts pointed out that the voting results for these three villages should not be over interpreted. Voters in this area are more conservative and tend to vote for republicans. The Dixville pass since 1960, Republican presidential candidates are selected each year until 2008, it chooses the Democratic candidate Obama. The first polling stations open in Alaska [] finally closed in accordance with local laws, New Hampshire, less than 100 of voters in the community can be closed before midnight billing, and all registered voters to vote. The first polling station, is at 8 local time in the morning of 5 points (Beijing time, 8, 18), in the u.s.. After — Virginia and other eastern states of New Jersey, New Hampshire, New York, Indiana, Kentucky, the vote in the local time 8, 6 in the morning (Beijing time 8 days to 19 points). Beijing at 19:30 on the 8, the key Ohio and North Carolina polling stations open. Beijing time 20 points, more than the eastern United States, including the crucial on the election results in Florida, Illinois, and Georgia, Louisiana, Washington and Maryland and other places of the polling stations open. It is reported that the United States is the first batch of closed polling stations in Kentucky and Indiana, closing time is 9 days, Beijing, at 7 points. After that, Ohio will close the polling station at 7:30. The last batch of polling stations in the mainland of China will be closed at 9 o’clock in Beijing at about 12, Alaska’s polling station in相关的主题文章: