Yunnan Nanjian financial innovation to boost the exploration of "political agricultural Silver Bear poverty mode" – Beijing, Beijing, Dali, September 9, (Shi Guanglin Chen Jing) reporter learned from the Nanjian 9 national poverty counties in Yunnan province Yi Autonomous County, the county financial innovation as a breakthrough, promote the integration of agricultural lands are Silver "financial help poverty model, and government subsidized the purchase of insurance, has loans of 56 million yuan or so, the activation of the precise poverty in a pool of water. Nanjian county is a "cold, ethnic and poverty" as one of the Yi Autonomous County, is a state-level poverty-stricken counties in Yunnan Province, the 73 key support of county and border area in western Yunnan minority groups of contiguous poor areas in the county. The county registered card issuing 9571 poor households of 34869 people, the county accounted for 15.6% of the total population. Nanjian County Deputy Secretary Cha Xianghua introduction, Nanjian county poverty work presents a wide range of poverty, deep poverty, poverty alleviation workload, low quality, poor population diversity etc. the causes of poverty. Facing the arduous task of poverty alleviation, Nanjian county to the concept does not rise, not slow, starting from the actual impoverished county, to financial innovation as the breakthrough point, based on the original introduction of economic forest fruit warrants mortgage, recently for the poor people, to promote the financial government bear silver Agricultural Integration "model. From Nanjian County of Yunnan Province, the precise poverty data platform, the causes of poverty in Nanjian County poor households filing riser in poor foundation, a book, as well as lack of funds and technology, lack of labor, poverty, poverty from several aspects such as the lack of funds has become the primary factor restricting the economic development of the county. As of the end of 2015, the lack of funds caused households total number of 2303 households of 8477 people, the county accounted for 24.31% of the population in poverty. The lack of funds has affected the development of the industry and the development of the industry. Tea said that in the fight against poverty, the most prominent problem is the lack of funds, loans, loans expensive. To this end, Nanjian County focus on financial capital "42 pounds" role, the innovation of financial discount policy, the financial capital of 40 million yuan into the guarantee risk in financial institutions, according to 10 times magnification by leveraging the 400 million letter scale, for poor households filing riser made "two special loans, according to the principle of risk sharing, the loan loss by 20%, the financial institutions should also bear the poverty alleviation loan risk guarantee fund compensation 80%, forming a" government supported silver Agricultural Integration "financial help poverty model. Political bear silver and agricultural integration is an industrial loan. The introduction of the "Nanjian County poor households filing riser industrial poverty special loan implementation rules", clearly where poor households filing riser industry give no more than 50 thousand yuan of government subsidized loans for 1 years, changing the direct subsidy funds for indirect interest subsidies, both the capital poor industrial development enlarged by nearly 10 times, and extended poor households the number of loans (loan 3 years), increased industrial development investment. Obvious effect on poor households, family farms, professional large farmers cooperatives to give loans within 1 million yuan, the leading enterprises in poverty alleviation of agricultural loans of less than 2 million. Preliminary statistics, poor households loans相关的主题文章: