Yunnan Lincang border public destruction of more than 3000 guns and bullets 3000 rounds – the new network for the Yunnan Lincang border patrol police public destruction of guns Zhu Jianming pictured Yunnan Lincang border patrol police public destruction of guns Zhu Jianming photo Beijing, Kunming, September 29 (Ma Qian Zhu Jianming Chen Wei Xiao) reporter 29 from Yunnan Lincang public security the detachment detachment was informed that 28 days in Zhenkang County Nansan town public destruction of 919 guns. As of now, the detachment of the Public Security Bureau of Yunnan province according to the unified deployment, respectively in Cangyuan, Gengma, Zhenkang three border counties within the jurisdiction of the destruction of firearms net "special action confiscated 3082 firearms of various types, all kinds of bullets 3422 hair. This year, the detachment of the national firearms rule explosion special action and the Ministry of public security border solid edge 1, 2 "action" in Yunnan province and to eradicate the gun burst scourge, to create safe Yunnan "theme activities as an opportunity to focus on the current counter-terrorism grim situation and problems of gun burst hazard, accurate analysis of explosives gun control of the key and difficult points, adhere to the source of governance, comprehensive implementation of the blow, collection, control, inspection, supervision of five measures, from the beginning of July 25th, in the border area to carry out an two month deployment" firearms net edge "special action. During the operation, the detachment to take "four defense mechanism of first-line investigation, second-line blocking, regional protection, project", the illegal guns explosives in overseas, plugging in the second, seizing confiscation in trafficking carrying links. At the same time to mobilize the masses, leaflets, banners, lectures and other forms of legal system through the issuance, sent a large number of officers and border area of villages to carry out in-depth publicity of laws and regulations involving firearms and explosives, this work obtained the unprecedented support and support of people in the border areas of the masses, the masses during the report clues 255, the initiative turned over 2653 firearms of various types, effective purify the social environment, to ensure that the China Burma border area safety and stability. (end)相关的主题文章: