Yunnan Jinggu earthquake recovery and reconstruction orderly houses reconstruction completed – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Kunming October 10th news (reporter Pang Mingguang) Yunnan Jinggu 6.6 earthquake occurred on the occasion of two anniversary, Jinggu County Government 9 days to report, disaster recovery and reconstruction work in an orderly way, a total of 58 thousand houses reconstruction project completed, the people’s livelihood improvement and infrastructure construction projects have been built. In October 7, 2014, 6.6 earthquake occurred in Jinggu County, Yunnan province city. The earthquake caused Jinggu County’s 10 towns, 137 villages (neighborhood committee), 1955 Village (neighborhood) people group, 307 thousand people were affected, 1 people were killed and 352 injured. The local houses, transportation, electricity and other infrastructure severely damaged. Recovery from the December 2014 earthquake reconstruction work has started, Jinggu County Planning and implementation of the houses reconstruction, improve people’s livelihood, infrastructure, disaster prevention and mitigation system, increase the cultivation of characteristic industry "five big projects". Among them, the restoration and reconstruction of houses project 41698 houses and repair 16752 houses demolition and reconstruction tasks have been completed, a total investment of nearly 2 billion 700 million yuan. According to the briefing, in addition to the restoration and reconstruction of houses outside the disaster area, improve people’s livelihood projects, infrastructure construction, disaster prevention and mitigation system construction, characteristic industry increase cultivation project a total of 495 projects have started construction, of which 340 have been completed, 155 projects are under construction, a total investment of about 880 million yuan.相关的主题文章: