Yunnan Dali funeral feast suspected food poisoning 38 people hospitalized – Beijing, Beijing, Kunming, August 31 (Wang Yanlong) 31 reporters from the Dali Municipal Food Safety Commission Office of Yunnan province was informed that the August 30th morning, the Dali Municipal Food Safety Office received Shangguan Town, City Health Bureau on Shang Guan Zhen Qing Suo Cun occurred suspected cases of food poisoning report, after receiving the report, the municipal government attaches great importance to start the emergency plan of emergency public health events in general, quickly organized the patient treatment and investigation and other related work. After preliminary investigation, August 29, 2016, Shang Guan Zhen Qing Suo Cun he Geng two foot village villagers held a funeral feast at home. Funeral feast that night, some of the participants in the funeral banquet staff fever, abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting symptoms, has been sent to hospital for treatment. Timely symptomatic treatment by the hospital, the patient was relieved, there were 38 patients in the hospital for treatment. Patients with stable vital signs, no critical and death cases. Dali City CDC cooperative market authority in a timely manner to carry out investigation on the funeral banquet food, drinking water, residual village with rectal swab samples, and timely samples sent to the laboratory for culture (culture results of 48 hours). At the same time, the remaining food was destroyed, and further investigation of the incident. Dali city will be in strict accordance with the relevant requirements, do a good job with the treatment work; quickly identify the cause, once verified will be handled according to law; the township (town), village (neighborhood) system and measures to earnestly implement the relevant food safety, strengthen rural banquet management, to prevent such incidents from happening again; further increase of food hygiene safety knowledge of the rural masses propaganda, improve villagers’ health awareness and prevention awareness. (end)相关的主题文章: