Yunnan Dali a toll station traffic accident caused 5 deaths (Figure) original title: Dali yunlang toll station outside the car accident caused five deaths for traffic accident scene Sun Jiasheng photo Beijing, Kunming in November 27, (He Chunxun) 27, reporters from Yunnan province Dali Secret Squadron learned that Dali yunlang toll station outside of a traffic accident, a car rear end truck, killing 5 people. 26 evening 23:37, Dali Secret Squadron said alarm, yunlang toll station down traffic accident happened one kilometer, there are people trapped, the exact number is unknown, Secret Squadron alarm dispatched three vehicles and fifteen to disposal. Figure for the traffic accident scene Sun Jiasheng photo arrived at the scene, rescue officers found in a traffic light, a large truck parked at the stop line, a Harvard H6 car rear end car, half a car has been stuck in the truck tail, the vehicle severely deformed, the car has a number of passengers were trapped, one unknown number. The Secret Squadron immediately divided into three groups, group use barrels, warning warning warning zone is divided into second groups with the winch rescue; fire fighting vehicles will be the car carefully from the truck tail; rescue group use rescue tools to rescue the body, trapped rescue. Figure for the rescue of soldiers being photographed by Sun Jiasheng from the car after the rescue, rescue teams have rescued the driver’s seat and the copilot seat trapped, then found the back seat three people were trapped there, but because each other rescue difficult, rescue officers and soldiers use expansion pliers and nippers of body expansion and dismantling, the all the workers rescued. After medical staff confirmed that five people (four men and one woman) were no signs of life, the cause of the accident is still confirmed. (end) editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: