Yue Lin’s first violin solo album "my mother taught me the song" salute the mother culture people.com.cn people.com.cn in Beijing in October 14, violinist Yue Lin’s first solo violin solo album "my mother taught me the song" recently published. The album contains eight songs, including Lin Yue at home and abroad in recent years on the violin competition in the award-winning works and acclaimed music concert. Yue Lin is active in the music world excellent violin virtuoso, School of violin teaching room of Central Conservatory of Music teachers, first Chinese music Jinzhongjiang Violin Competition Gold Award winner, outstanding instructor of Central Conservatory of Music BOB innovative talents, has been in South Korea Yin Yi sang (Isung Yun) received important awards in the International Violin competition. "My first album, I hope the memory of my mother", Yue Lin about the reason album, the violin "my mother taught me the song" by the famous violinist Chrysler adapted from composer Dvorak’s song of the same name, beautiful melody, sincere and moving, he said, the interpretation of the tune in the album, and taking it as the new album is named in honour of his 18 year old mother died, but also to bring him eternal life, thanks to the mother’s love and warmth. In addition, the album "Ysaye No. fifth in G major solo violin sonata" and "Ravel tzigan" is his conquest of judges in international competitions won success and Charles Camille Saint-Saens’s repertoire, "Introduction and Rondo capriccioso", is twenty years ago Yue Linyin into professional classical music road works. The album also recorded as Belgian violinist and composer Mr. Ysaye’s works, the tragedy of "poem", this is the first work China record, also few rare works included in the treasure house of world records. The album also included the people for having heard it many times "D major Wieniawski’s Poland dance", Tchaikovsky’s "Melody", "Paganini’s song" virtuoso and Lyric Pieces etc.. Yue Lin always hope to enjoy the concert songs evoke between the audience and the performers of resonance, and passes his understanding of music. It is reported that Lin Yue violin used this album for the 1767 Joseph Gagliano. The album is accompanied by Piano Piano Department of Central Conservatory of Music, director of the Department of piano art director Huang Mengmeng. The album also invited Chinese contemporary violin leader Mr. Sheng Zhongguo handwritten preface, Yue Lin praised the play is the heart of the show, sincere and moving, with coherent power in the interpretation of western music, China into the traditional painting of the "meaning", some works to love can only be sensed state, valuable. It is reported that Lin Yue violin solo album "my mother taught me the song" will be the end of the month in the country within the scope of the Xinhua Bookstore, bookstores and other professional music art every day jd.com, such as online bookstore dangdang.com legitimate audio-visual synchronized shelves. (Wang Rui) (Huang Wei Shiyao, commissioning editor: soup)相关的主题文章: