Sports-and-Recreation The female people who want to keep slim by the way of diet all the time, the experts warn these people. It is not the best way to achieve this, as sometimes this can’t .e off what you want, and perhaps will have bad effect on your health condition. As all as we known, the stomach is our body’s energy transport channel. If you would like to alive when you are 120 years old, still have the high quality life, then when you are 30 years old, should not available in the sake of beauty and let the body suffer from hungry bitter. If you go on diet, then you may make your stomach be.e much smaller, it may make your stomach can’t work naturally as your diet continues. With the time pass away, the functioning capacity of stomach will decline, and it can’t afford a bit of trials and challenges any more. At the same time, we have to endure the stomach of soaking in excess stomach acid, in the long term, in addition to the obvious lack of nutrition and energy, on organ damage should be paid more attention. Many slim people are often lack of fat and protein, and they are easy to cause hair loss, and lose the luster. If excessive dieting, hair lack adequate nutrition, including a lack of iron intake, that will wither, finally led to a large number of hair loss. When you excessive dieting, you will find that your memory be.e much decline. Diet, make fat intake and inventory levels are lower than normal level, so lack of nutrition in the body, this bad for the brain cells, further to affect memory and forgetting. The fat in everyone’s brain cells can make you brain work regularly. The psychology associate professor Dr. Mann who is a professor of the University of California at Los Angeles, United States, she has found some strange phenomenon in the process of researching diet crowd. She wants to know if lose weight with diet all the time can have a bad effect on people’s health. So she had made a determine to carry on tracing plan to people who lose weight with her students for one year. In this research, they are only interested in a digit: with the lapse of time, what is the proportion account for the dieters gains weight? At last, Mann said, when you persist in daily diet with low calories, your body will adjust metabolism to make weight losing more and more difficult. Your body will be.e very efficient, so you want to continue to lose weight that ask to eat less, if you want to insist, will more and more difficult. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: