You never know the Jingdong deliveryman story: a poor let him half white – the Sohu of science and technology proposed by Bo Wangzhi (original), the original title is "invisible" in the world |. Please contact Bo Wang Zhi (WeChat ID:szszbf). In the electricity supplier strict distribution control and commitment, the first tier cities developed logistics systems, such as a strict operating rules of the transfer machine, which carries and implements the blueprint for capital and business expectations. Each of the low speed machines and drivers walking in the streets of the crowd, the formation of an invisible transmission channel. They seem to be ubiquitous invisible groups in the city, relying on the completion of the goods to the human connection, but never really exist in their lives. In the harsh rules formulated by the platform, the customer logistics rights are fully protected, can someone behind the interests of being sacrificed? Bo Wang Zhi tell a Beijing city Jingdong of Changping District home appliance distribution member story. Electricity supplier business 11 double marketing a wide range, replacing the previous image of the clerk of the distribution of advertising on the table, Lu told a story of a former colleague drowned in Beijing water diversion canal in the story of the 1. Just in time before the restructuring, Lu did less than two years there, met a "smooth, smart, hard-working people live" courier. In the eyes of colleagues, he will be very profitable, in addition to exceed the standard task each month, also do some regular customers to take private live, Changping local transit business logistics. He did not understand, the monthly income of not less than five digits, colleagues, why eat Steamed Buns pickles, face to face questions, the other told him: everyone’s bitter only oneself know. He immediately felt that this is very reasonable, it is often used to warn myself. But when he learned that he was drowned in the canal, he was not worth it for him. Life is gone, what is the use of making so much money? He didn’t drink too much, but the cheeks are slightly red, more than during the day, direct speech and deportment arbitrary, perhaps subconsciously, may also be unable to conceal tired. He drank two bottles of pure, and easy to carry away my bottle and poured the wine into the cup, drink: for lo, this is the day the most relaxed moment. Changping District Machi Town White floating village compared with many villages Chinese, do not see what special. The streets of the night were noisy and disorderly, and the food shops were crowded in disorder. The door station a few looks nothing middle-aged, thirty-two groups, while smoking a cigarette, while according to the colorful neon signs and street corner back and forth, passive and quiet in the world behind. I and Lu eat the restaurant is hidden in this, it is a hidden corner of many of the people in Changping, but it is the most familiar world of Lu, in this table we seated side, he had to part company each going his own way business partner, more than 20 thousand yuan investment has not to be able to come back; also in here, Lou tells the drowned colleagues, which had millions of deposits, modern ix35 and the car death didn’t buy a hand. From another person’s accidental death, Lou saw himself. From 2007相关的主题文章: