Yancheng a travel agency before the golden week closing push one yuan Tour "a large number of deposit – Beijing one yuan purchase electric cars also deserted. Gu Hua photo Beijing, September 30 Nanjing Xinhua (reporter Gu Hua) tomorrow will enter the National Day golden week, a lot of people are ready to travel, but some people in Jiangsu Yancheng is very anxious, they reported to the group in a travel agency, but found that before departure travel suddenly closed. Reporter survey found that these people are involved in the one yuan tour line, the local police have been involved in the investigation. The afternoon of the 30 day, many people gathered in Yancheng Yu Long Road Spring International Travel Service in front of the door, because can not contact the travel agency staff, they chose the alarm. The police arrived at the scene, the application s citizens were registered. Enroll in the tour in October 2nd, today, suddenly received a notice to cancel, and then to the travel agency to see, the door closed, no contact with the people." Ms. Lee, who lives in Yancheng City, in August this year to enroll in the five day tour of Xi’an in the Yancheng Spring International Travel Service, seeing the departure date, but has not received notice of the travel agency, asking that the travel agency closed. Ms. Lee said that she was in the spring and Autumn International Travel Service is a tour of China’s five thousand five years – Xi’an, Kaifeng, Luoyang five, the tour group. "Was this one yuan tour attraction, also thought that it might be a hoax, but the travel agency in Yancheng is very famous, is a veteran of the travel agency, because the trust signed up, but also to pay a 2900 yuan deposit". In the spring and Autumn International Travel Agency in Yancheng WeChat, the reporter found a large number of one yuan tour information. Such as "one yuan tour 5000 years of China – Xi’an, Kaifeng, Luoyang five", registration is required to pay 100 yuan Yue meters mall experience points of consumption, giving 500 meters jump mall integral, integral when one yuan of money, and people pay 2900 yuan deposit, starting date of return. The travel agency in the main push the "one yuan Tour" activities, and a registration are called "jump meters mall" linked to the consumption, and pay the amounts of deposit, travel content more rich, more deposit. Reporters learned that, with one yuan tour at the same time publicity, as well as one yuan purchase battery car activities. Members of the public for selected models of consumer loans, after the pay for one yuan to mention cars, 2 meters jump supermarket monthly pay off the loan, monthly also loan, also need to step Car Buying meters supermarket to purchase not less than the repayment amount of goods. Jump meters supermarket is located in Yancheng City City International Shopping Center on the 2 floor, which is a place to buy Battery car activities. Yue Yue supermarket is the spring and Autumn International Travel Agency boss Liu Moukai." The shopping center is responsible for the investment of staff said that Liu here to engage in a jump meter mall store, signed a five year lease, but currently only pay 50 thousand yuan deposit, now can not find people. Jump is a third square meters mall shopping platform, Spring International Travel Agency boss Liu is using the platform in sales, people need to apply s platform consumption, consumption integral, again in exchange for a travel." A person who is familiar with Liu相关的主题文章: