Xie Nan also gentleman Fan Wu called   black teach baby both hands are hard – Liaoning channel — people.com.cn original title: Xie Nan Fan Wu, the so-called black gentleman dipping teach baby hands very hard and Wu Jing’s wife Xie Nan, has always been to "black mother" image walking in micro-blog, often send some photos of the so-called black son Wu in micro-blog that is loved by the masses eat melon. The day before, Xie Nan and micro-blog, we are ready to see the new herd, jokes, the so-called little Wu found in Xie Nan careless, seemingly funny parenting style, has been silently to just two years old son led into a well bred young gentleman, adorable contrast gives you the shock, as to see Wu Jing handsome squat tank for lunch. The evening of October 8th, Xie Nan in micro-blog to share with his son Wu called the experience of watching children’s drama, said: with the so-called so-called Wu saw a number of high-quality children’s drama, and simple and beautiful. Don’t worry, the child can be enough attention after a 45 minute show, some children are afraid of the dark, remember to bring some of his familiar sense of security of small objects, the dark time to appease." A gentleman in a public place to show the baby, will bring much glory to my mother, I believe that the baby who took the baby are seconds to understand. Originally, the family business two pick Xie Nan, was a well versed in children’s psychological care mother, not only to spend time with children close to art, but also know how to let the children keep due respect and politeness in social situations, no wonder Xie Nan proudly said: "the so-called Wu recently very like that, I love you mom." There is a handsome and delicate mom, even if occasionally Wu called the "black" and what is the relationship with you, bother, so the little gentleman grew up, mother will wait for you to "black". (Judy Tang Long, commissioning editor: filial piety)相关的主题文章: