Xi Jinping awarded Zhang Chao "dream Haitian army pioneer honorary title – Beijing, CMC Chairman Xi Jinping signed an order awarded a Navy carrier based air force pilot Zhang Chao" a dream of the Haitian army vanguard "honorary title of Xinhua news agency in Beijing in November 14, chairman of the Central Military Commission Xi Jinping days ago signed a decree posthumously awarded a Navy carrier based air corps level pilot Zhang Chao" dream of the Haitian army pioneer honorary title. Command pointed out that Comrade Zhang Chao is committed to a strong army to serve the country, Wu Qiang, the courage to tackle tough, stick to the noble character, are top-notch in each of the positions is excellent, a major task for dozens of times in and completion of combat patrols, maritime rights etc.. In March 2015, joined the ranks of pilots, adhere to the practice of fine fly racing momentum, excellent achievements. In April 27, 2016, Zhang Chao conducted land-based landing training in simulated driving fighters – 15, aircraft emergency telex fault, the tragic and heroic sacrifice. Comrade Zhang Chao is the emergence of advanced typical China dream of a strong army dream journey, loyalty is the goal of strengthening the military practice era model, was an outstanding representative of four "of the new generation of revolutionary soldiers. Command requirements, the military and armed forces officers and soldiers to learn from Comrade Zhang Chao, like his ideals and faith, keep in mind the mission play, consciously personal pursuit into a strong army great cause; like him to actively prepare for training, bold breakthrough innovation, and continuously improve the ability to win information war to temper the bloody courage; like him, carry forward the fine tradition of the party and the people, the courage to sacrifice everything; adhere to the noble character like him, discipline rules, and always maintain a good image of a revolutionary soldier. The Central Military Commission called on the army and armed police officers and soldiers, with Comrade Zhang Chao as an example, Chinese hold high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, adhere to Deng Xiaoping theory and the important thought of "Three Represents", Scientific Outlook on Development as a guide, in-depth study and implement President Xi series of important speech spirit, unity, innovation, solid work, to achieve a strong army the goal of building a world-class military contribution to the wisdom and strength.相关的主题文章: