Wuxi Haoli, enjoy the Jiangnan good time! Sohu said Jiangnan tourism, the most beautiful Wuxi, Wuxi not only has beautiful scenery of Taihu, quiet Jiangnan style, ancient Buddhist shrine south of The Strip, Grand Buddha at Lingshan, and Central Television Shuihu three base city, and China historical and cultural street, Huishan Town, South Garden, The Strip Xihui spots and many other attractions. For Wuxi, each season has its own unique beauty. And Lingshan Buddha, with erquanyingyue tunes, with Fried Spare Ribs, Wuxi Style and other snacks, this time can be stopped. To taste the charm of Wuxi Jiangnan, taste unique Wuxi style, but also a good choice! When it comes to play, travel and accommodation is essential, in fact in Wuxi, hotel, whether it is high-end hotel, or Boutique Hostel Inn, different types of hotel experience to bring a sense of different position, characteristics, service, experience, dining rooms are all hotel launched highlights, travel or travel, stay in five star hotels may be too expensive, the Fasthotel and residential services can not keep up, so looking for a cost-effective hotel is very important, recently in Wuxi Haoli hotel beauty price is still relatively moderate, experience is also fine, in general can be used to describe the quality, warm and comfortable! Wuxi Haoli hotel beauty Jiangnan fusion style, decoration design, quality of service, highlight the noble status and individual needs of guests, the one and only provide holiday experience for travel professionals, to create a home like a sense of belonging and local cultural experience. [on]: the hotel environment elegant, exquisite, have a unique style, show the beauty of decoration design into the hotel, the first feeling is a sense of the hotel lobby and the quality sense of art, the lobby of the hotel belongs to the simple style, decorate delicate, light color and soft, which attracts me is the hotel design style and lines in each at the hotel to see the very line feeling. The reception at the entrance is on the right side of the hotel lobby, the staff will help you check in the waiting time, can drink a cup of warm water or hot towel, spend on the road of fatigue. In the lobby of the left is the leisure lounge, can receive visitors friends here, or you can also free leisure and rest, a comfortable sofa, each table are placed on a carefully prepared fruit. Apply for admission procedures, Butler took me to the room’s floor, walking in the hallway of the hotel, you will find the color pattern mainly in blue carpet covered the entire corridor, so the color collocation is full of vitality. [] about rooms: exquisite, comfortable, warm and comfortable, enjoy the experience of this reservation is boutique room, a door, admission card, original close curtain will be automatically opened, the moment the eyes bright, warm I love the most, and the layout is also very good, the bar open design. Make the room more open atmosphere. Give people a warm and comfortable feeling. Luxury rooms so that the heart of the restless moment, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, came to town相关的主题文章: