wrestling; prairie man show majestic society people.com.cn small hands wearing ribbons admission wrestling. Wang Hui said the photo on the Prairie Girl gemei beauty. For thousands of years, the guy if you want to get there by the girl, he will strive to become a good rider on horseback, pull bow Archer, or be wearing ribbons, Megatron Quartet stroke grams hand to show the majestic. Of course, the most respected is the wrestling hand. The day before, in Inner Mongolia wulatehouqi, from Mongolia and 14 counties of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region team wrestling players participated in the twentieth session of the Inner Mongolia West banner 1000 watch play wrestling match. When the warm passion of the prairie music sounded, two strong wrestling hand arm is connected to the other leg to fall, they will cause the audience bursts of applause.   source by military training into sport wrestling (Mongolia pronunciation, meaning "strong" and "persistent"), namely Mongolia wrestling is the prairie "man three arts" (horse riding, archery, wrestling) of. Wrestling has a long history, is the earliest nomadic people cope with the harsh climate, tribal war, beast attacks are training content. Archaeologists excavated the tomb in vessels and large rock paintings, had found a topless, wearing tight trousers legs, each bent wrestle and wrestling scene. Thirteenth Century, the rise of Mongolia, the surrounding war continues. The tribes advocating force, all wrestling as the main means of military training, and even the election of tribal leaders and the selection of generals to wrestling as an important selection criteria. "The secret history of Mongolia" records, Gen Gi Khan’s younger brother don’t lecourt Taiwan and its relatives in the Department of Kilimanjaro who are wrestling wrestlers Marco broad. In the Qing Dynasty, the movement flourished. The Qing Dynasty rulers attached great importance for wrestling, often held "buku" match in barracks and court (i.e. Mongolian Boke book to that wrestler or Hercules). "The deer", Wei Xiaobao and Kangxi first met and friends is through book (Wrestling) start. Today, the traditional Mongolian "Nadam" the Congress has held the vigorous development of Burk, become very fond of the Mongolian People’s traditional sports. The contestants are not limited to men, such as the twentieth western counties of thousands of watches play wrestling match, female hand Burke is also a beautiful scenery, they agile, inferior to male athletes.   point force and skill with free hand wrestling in ethnic stroke overcome: wearing a "Chadug" (leather production, short sleeved) inlaid with silver or copper nails, wearing the mast "bensler" (i.e., patterns of Wrestling Pants), pedal boots or Mongolia boots. Admission, wrestling hand accompanied by the melodious "Ukraine reeyah" (lion dance, dance music admission) deer dance or dance the mighty Eagle admission. As a result, the wrestlers who danced and danced became the elements of many works of art, which became a beautiful memory for many people. Wrestling hand wearing colored silk making collar, it marks my winning number, is their glory. According to tradition, the winner will be awarded相关的主题文章: