The woman asked the traffic police stopped driving fast retrograde "what is retrograde" original title: Jiaozuo women’s high speed driving retrograde was stopped what is actually asked the police according to the Henan high-speed Police News retrograde in October 4th, around 16 PM, Jiaozuo high-speed traffic accident police Que Yuanxin, Song Sheng peak on the way, when the line to Jiaotong freeway 1 kilometers suddenly, a license plate number Henan H*** red car along the fast lane reverse driving. During the national day, the high-speed toll free, traffic is relatively large, reverse driving is very dangerous, the police immediately signaled the car parked in the emergency lane for inspection. Upon inquiry, the driver is a nearly 50 year old female, high-speed found himself the wrong route, so direct U-turn retrograde. But the police let a smile not is that when the police on the high speed about illegal retrograde is very dangerous behavior, even the woman asked police what is retrograde? Subsequently, the police belt from the highway, the driver was criticized, in accordance with the law and made a fine of 200 yuan, recorded 12 points, temporarily driving license for the severe punishment. The woman also realized his mistake, said that after some serious study of relevant laws and regulations and road traffic safety knowledge, no longer make the same mistake. High speed traffic police reminder: high-speed retrograde is very dangerous, the majority of drivers must strengthen their awareness of traffic safety, compliance, safety, in order to avoid too late to regret!  : Source: Henan high speed public security editor: Zhang Xiaoya相关的主题文章: