Hilary, a new document in the WikiLeaks scandal hit the 9 earthquake in local time on the evening of September 26th, the U.S. presidential election debate on the first presidential debut, the meeting site. Original title: WikiLeaks documents or on new Hilary campaign to form a "9 earthquake" in October 9, according to foreign media reports, the U.S. attorney David Waldo? (David Wall) said in a television program, newly released WikiLeaks documents reveal Hilary? Clinton’s political campaign will be the hoax. As a 9 earthquake hit. The WikiLeaks website announced the 8 campaign chairman Hilary John? Your Podesta, including Hilary? Excerpts from Clinton during 2013-2014 charge and private speech. The wall is a supporter of Trump, he announced that the document, the key point is Hilary? Clinton on the Bank of the deputies from, she said he has two sets of policies in speech, is a set of public policy and public communication with the other is a set of private "completely different" policy. The website WikiLeaks released the same day John? 2050 letter more than 50 thousand e-mail Podesta, which relates to a part of Turkey, including the country in the Syrian conflict of interests and the fight against Islamic state terrorist organizations in the role of. Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: