WikiLeaks exposure blocked the white house public Sohu – the South China Sea cruise Military Channel text with map: "America" Washington freedom lighthouse website reported on October 26th. Reference News Network October 28th U.S. media reported that The Pentagon’s defense policy committee said in more and more people worry about the new military island of Chinese, senior White House officials blocked the U.S. Navy "freedom of navigation" action. According to the Washington freedom lighthouse website reported on October 26th, U.S. Defense Policy Commission Chairman John called for? Hamlet in a working paper in September last year to immediately resume naval voyage, to prevent Chinese strategic control of the Southeast waterway. Wiki secret website 24 announced the internal documents. This is the site of the Democratic presidential candidate Hilary Clinton’s campaign chairman John?? on mailbox was hacked after the announcement of the latest batch of e-mail. The document is marked as "the chairman’s note on the policy committee of the National Defense Commission on the construction of China’s islands in the South China sea". Mail is a member of the defense policy board Stewart sent to the Hilary campaign? Aizenshtadt senior policy adviser Jack Sullivan?. Eisenstat has consulted The Pentagon’s internal campaign for Hilary’s campaign team. Eisenstat said in an email that he provided a summary of the recommendations of the Committee for a two day meeting. Eisenstat said he shared the committee’s proposal on the South China Sea with the campaign team because "Hilary may be asked to talk about it."". He said in an e-mail in September 25th last year, said: "it is generally believed that China will eventually be the implementation of the new island, militarization, the United States can not stop." Eisenstat said that the Commission’s main proposal is that the Obama administration should use diplomatic, military, economic and communication strategies to prevent Beijing’s control of the South China sea. Eisenstat said: "the United States Navy should begin as soon as possible" freedom of navigation "action, in China’s" island "before the completion of militarization, in order to establish that we believe that this is the principle of international waters. We are informed have reached broad consensus on the "freedom of navigation" action, but by the White House top block." The policy committee’s memorandum also proposes to stop China from deploying troops to the disputed islands. Hamre’s memo said: "the US government should list to the Chinese government what would happen if the islands were militarized. We have to say that we know that China will not reverse the process of building an island, but that the militarization of the island will lead to an objective and serious response from the United states." Reported that the message did not disclose what the White House blocked the freedom of navigation action. The memo said that China’s island construction and military activities in the South China Sea is a systematic strategic step, rather than a tactical response or a temporary phenomenon". China has a strategic plan. Chinese plan ", thus establishing an established fact" caused by strategic interests China China control of the South Sea, in order to obtain political and economic interests." China action, memo.相关的主题文章: