Why stop 4.95% Hengda life "buy and do not move the company to 8 Hengda Life Insurance Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as" Hengda life ") to harvest two pieces of" quasi placards "stocks. October 27th, Cheng Cheng Electronics (002339) released a quarterly bulletin shows that Hengda life through its total holdings of two products accounted for about 4.95%. According to the Zhongyuan company (300018) three quarterly report released the same day, Hengda life in a similar way to hold a 4.95% stake in the company, approaching placards line. However, due to more than half of the top ten shareholders of both companies are acting in concert, so Hengda life holdings did not affect the actual control of the company. According to the surging news review, as of the evening of October 27th, Hengda life three quarter of new entrants into the 8 listed companies in the top ten shareholders, the shareholding ratio of 6 is higher than 4.9%, which is "sense" in this 6 companies, the first three quarters of this year, the major shareholder of 5 Executives Association the company is the company stock holdings. The actual control of listed companies have no change in the afternoon of October 27th, ieslab (002339) released three quarterly, Hengda insurance through the combination of traditional A holding 10 million 630 thousand shares, 2.81% stake to become the eighth largest shareholders in the third quarter. In addition, Hengda life also holds 8 million 130 thousand shares of the company through universal combination B. Thus, the two products Hengda life’s total holdings of ieslab 18 million 760 thousand shares, accounting for about 4.95% of the total share capital, approaching placards line. From the shareholding ratio, the total holdings of Hengda life has more than Yang Zhiqiang, two tied for the top shareholder of the. However, in the top ten shareholders, the largest shareholder of Yang Zhiqiang (4.31%), the second largest shareholder of Wang Hao (4.31%), the fourth largest shareholder of Wang Liang (4.13%), the fifth largest shareholder of the Yan (4.13%), the sixth largest shareholder of Dong Feng (4.13%), the seventh largest shareholder of sun Heyou (3.02%), the ninth largest shareholder Zhang Zhiwei (2.60%) for concerted action, the total shareholding ratio reached 26.63%, so the integrated electronic control and will not change. Into the end of the three quarter before the end of the electronic market, the largest shareholder of the 2010 listing of the main business of electronic products into the smart grid, smart gas, smart water, smart energy, information security. The company has accumulated energy, integrated into the software product, Qingdao, Shanghai Jicheng, Jicheng Hui set, sagacity network security, integrated into the instrument, Aotong maisheng, Xincheng Allianz 9 wholly-owned or holding subsidiaries, directly or indirectly, shares of more than 10 companies. According to the company’s three quarterly, the first quarter of this year, the company achieved operating income of $903 million, an increase of 22.73%, attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of $79 million 648 thousand and 900, an increase of 10.19%. A similar situation also occurred in the middle of shares (300018) who, according to the company three quarterly report released late October 27th, Hengda life through the combination of traditional A holding 14 million 190 thousand shares, 2.95% stake to become the eighth largest shareholders in the third quarter. In addition,;相关的主题文章: