Why Apple in 1986 also launched a series of fashion lead failure: waiting for the release of iPhone 7 at the same time, first look at the apple technology giant in 1986 involved in the field of fashion design series! In addition to making mobile phone and Apple Computer in 1986 also launched a series of fashion may be due to Jobs too great, cause we will ignore he is also a head to make the wrong decision. For example, after visiting the SONY headquarters in 1980s, he was shocked by the spirit of SONY employees wearing uniform uniforms. So he tried to get Apple’s employees to follow suit. What kind of clothes is that? The jacket is a tear resistant nylon jacket, with two detachable zipper sleeves that can be turned into a vest. This uniform, whether it is at that time, or now, the light will be able to listen to the description of people frown. Jobs brought back some samples and told Apple employees that it would be great if they put on the uniform. The results, he was booed, everyone dislike the idea.   Apple fashion and clothing and a truck as everyone knows Watch is apple, apple officially moved closer to the fashion products, but most people do not know that it has launched a "The Apple Colletion" series of apparel in 1986. The series was also seen as a disaster at the time, only to be rejected in just one season. It must be said that the idea has nothing to do with Jobs. He left the Apple Corp briefly, so he was not involved. In the current view, this is a very fashion style of the 1980s series: Oversize profile sweater, sports suit and pants (Jane Fonda driven by the national fitness craze throughout 1980s), with Apple logo (wound or iridescent) solid baseball cap, and even the same style of clothing. The entire series in addition to black and white, almost all color design of high saturation, that is perfectly matched with that of the apple logo. In addition, Apple Corp has not forgotten the launch of peripheral products, such as with logo pattern of sailing and trucks. Preview the suit sportswear fashion is always in the memories of the past in the front row, so even if such an insignificant fashion series at the time was laughed, put in today’s view is not without merit. Those with abstract lines of apple computer is now floating pattern geometric patterns in a white T-shirt, sports Hoodie on pop style and that green sports suit, if slightly modified, can also catch up with the now popular culture street express, and the word "APPLE" shape variable font white T-shirt almost as the outstanding design Memphis group. In addition, the "The Apple Colletion" and even relates to accessories, is the set of several colors belt series.  相关的主题文章: