Who can think of pink can save the whole city of women – India Mumbai Sohu recently, the emergence of a new human taxi, but unlike other taxi, the taxi are painted pink, this is why? Not only is the body are painted pink, drivers are also uniform and unified women, dressed in pink overalls, at this time, the entire city of Mumbai is the pink to light up, people call this pink taxi called "Pink Auto", and our similar friction. Originally, because each big city of India rape cases began to grow with each passing day, 70% of women in India have been raped in a taxi record, a time of public opinion response. From the UN to the establishment of the India women’s protection organizations to come up with the solution, with the pink to distinguish women only taxi, the taxi is only allowed women to take, and the driver must also be women, men can not use this vehicle, which directly avoids women by sexual assault phenomenon occurs, in addition, each. The car alarm and positioning are separate, each driver and special driving record. As everyone knows, India is a male chauvinism in extreme bursting state, because the male sexual assault case in a female mutilation phenomenon in 80s -90, It is often seen., rape cases occurred in the peak period, the national average day there are nearly 1500 of the report. Soon, respected by the new government and the support of the United Nations, India has established a feminist organization for the protection of their own, and their main color is pink, a symbol of gentle, friendly and motherly love. Now, Mumbai city has 564 units of Pink Auto obtained the operating license of formal, female drivers are certified, in addition to nearly 1000 vehicles Pink Auto is waiting for approval, is expected this year will be officially launched. A lot of people have doubts. Why not use a formal taxi? The official argument is given, Mumbai several vehicles for large streets, even traffic lights are very few, are some very narrow, so this is similar to the friction of the vehicle will be relatively easy when the space. Compared with Mumbai, India and other more developed city you can use pink taxi instead of the skin, such as the capital of New Delhi, this year is expected to travel to New Delhi, you will see the pink rental Penn Taxi. A color can even save a city woman, in fact, life is wonderful, isn’t it ~ -END- Sina micro-blog: fashion class Tencent micro community: a coincidence coincidence coincidence network subscription number: WeChat today’s headlines: Sohu media platform: QH coincidence coincidence brand official co-operation please send mail to: fashion@qiaoher Click to watch the video in an interview with the Nick Wooster Master are coincidence: Click To Watch Video: WHO

谁能想到用粉色可以拯救整座城的女人们-搜狐   最近,印度孟买出现了一种全新的人力出租车,但是和其他出租车不同的是,这种出租车都被涂成了粉色,这是为什么?      不光是车体都被涂成了粉色,司机也都是清一色的妇女,而且统一身着粉色的工作服,这下子,整个孟买城都被这粉色给点亮了,人们管这种粉色出租车叫做“Pink Auto”,和我们的摩的相似。         原来,因为印度各大城市强奸案件又开始与日俱增,70%的印度女性在出租车内有被性侵的记录,一时间社会舆论反响热烈。   由联合国出面成立的印度女性保护组织出面,想出了这个办法,用粉色来区别女性专属出租车,这种出租车只允许女性乘坐,而且司机也必须是女性,男性不可以使用这种车辆,这就直接避免了有女性会被性侵的现象发生,另外,每辆车都有单独的报警器和定位,每位女司机还有专门的行车记录。      众所周知,印度是个男权主义思想极度爆棚的国家,由于男性性侵案导致的女性致残致死的现象屡见不鲜,80年代-90年代,是强奸案件发生的高峰期,平均全国一天就有将近1500起的报案。   很快,由新政府的推崇和联合国的支持,印度建立了自己的女权保护组织,而他们的主打颜色正式粉色,象征温柔,母爱与友善。   现在,孟买城已经有了564辆Pink Auto得到了正式合法的运营许可,女司机们也都持证上岗,另外还有近1000辆Pink Auto正在等待审批,预计今年年内就会正式上路。            很多人会有疑问,为什么不用正式出租车呢?官方给出的说法是,孟买几条可供机动车行驶的大街道,甚至红绿灯都很少,都是一些很窄的小路段,所以用这种近似于摩的的车型会比较省事时力省空间。         而相比孟买,其他印度比较发达的城市则可以使用粉色的出租车来代替这种摩的,比如首都新德里,预计今年,你去新德里旅游就会看到这种粉色出租Penn Taxi了。            一种颜色竟然能够拯救一座城市的女人,其实生活还是美好的,不是吗~   -END-   新浪微博:巧合时尚课堂   腾讯微社区: 巧合   微信订阅号:巧合网   今日头条号:巧合   搜狐媒体平台:QH巧合   品牌官方合作事宜请发送邮箱至:fashion@qiaoher      点击收看视频:巧合专访时尚达人Nick Wooster      点击收看视频:WHO CARES时尚脱口秀即将开播!   点击下方:阅读原文   收看每日巧合时尚日报相关的主题文章: