Who is the network society "patch" – Beijing newspaper chief commentator Zhu Minwu in 2016 the national cyber security awareness week starts today, with the theme of "network security network security for the people, by the people, obviously indicates universal trend of network security issues. The several sensational national telecommunications fraud, after Internet rumors will be the real estate market upsets behind many recent general turmoil, social public events, but also reflects the urgent needs of network security protection. In fact, today’s Internet has already broken through the category of information technology, and it has become the key factor that influences the economic, social, cultural, political and military operation. Network security is not just technical field of internal security and maintenance, not only made a deal with the "hacker" invasion "firewall" — it is covering all aspects of society public issues, concerning the aspects of security and interests. Accordingly, to solve the problem of network security, the field of vision should also jump off the network itself, pay more attention to the root causes of the problem. "On the net" already not enough for today’s network space to achieve "good governance"; use the words of the ancient saying, many aspects of "Kung Fu in the network". This also means that the questions of network security issues — not just thrown to the increasingly urgent letter network, security and other professional departments and agencies, it is more common for the test of the whole society, the needs of all sectors of society highly cooperative. Last year’s World Internet Conference, the community of cyberspace destiny has become a hot focus. President Xi Jinping at the meeting put forward five points, China advocates, including countries to jointly safeguard network security, promote orderly development, and the construction of Internet governance system, promote fairness and justice. In the context of the country, the network society also needs "community" consciousness. As the general secretary said, maintaining network security is the common responsibility of the whole society, the need for government, enterprises, social organizations, the majority of Internet users to participate in the construction of network security". Construct a kind of network community, to a large extent means to create what kind of social community. Only build a new social community, under the environment of network society can freely run smoothly; only a common belief and common rules of order, common responsibility and common value of the fate of the community, profound changes in society of the Internet, can maximize the "benefit", "to avoid the negative effect". From today’s practice, the construction of such a community, it is clear that the road is still long. The network society is a highly open society, open society needs to perfect the rules as a support, and through each aspect of their duties, in close collaboration to achieve governance. But today exposed to the network space, and then from the "Internet" to "net spread security", reflects the lack of collaboration is often the subject of liability, as well as some real link between "naturally or half unconsciously covered". For example, against telecommunications fraud, in addition to combat specific fraud from the end, this should also be asked why can sit idly by "virtual segment number" has become a fraud "weapon"? Why personal information will be incontinently reselling? Network rumors, also need to reflect on what.相关的主题文章: