Mobile-Audio-Video The car is our essential part nowadays. In old times, the only electronics which people might know was the car radio in the dash, and the best option was just a music player to listen to songs or radio. You can only listened to music by a cassette tape or turning to radio mode, while the modern car electronics can make your drive safer, and make your trip more efficient and enjoyable, you can also install a LCD disply at the back of your seat so that you can keep your kids entertained while you are driving. There are a variety of car electronics for your choices nowadays, you can not imagine a car without entertainment factor alive on the road. A good car gps dvd system can make a drive in your car a better experience. Some want to upgrade the factory car stereo with a new popular aftermarket car dvd and car gps system. Some want to add a rear view camera for backing up, others want to add more entertainment system in the car for passengers on a long and boring trip. There’s no doubt that the car electronics have improved people’s life obviously. The in-dash car dvd players are installed in the dashboard of the car, and you need to remove the factory CD player and car radio, because the new car dvd system has CD and radio function built-in, so you don’t need to use the factory CD player or radio anymore. In addition, you also get many other functions as well all in one. For example, the gps navigaiton device can lead you to a road trip to a distant place, it can also show you the shortest route to reach the desired destination. The gps navigation system can guide you anywhere you want, as long as you have gps maps into it. And the gps system also .es with speed warning voice guide, different languages and voices available. There are also some other dvd players for your choice. You can install a headrest dvd player at the back of your seat, so that the back passengers’ can watch a fun video .pared to a boring trip. And a roof mounted dvd player can also be installed at the top inside of the car. In case you get involved in some accident but you can not provide enough evidence to show your innocence, a car DVR can help you in this situation. It’s very important to install a car DVR inside of your car to satisfy your needs of monitoring in or out the car. You just need to turn it on then it can do anything else. The car DVR is a low cost car electronics but worth to buy. If you are a new driver, backing up may be a headache especially there’s a car behind of your car and waiting for you. A rear view camera can help you easily parking up, you can see the back images clearly with a HD rear camera, and there’s a guiding line displayed on the screen as well, you can also connect the camera with the in-dash car dvd gps unit. You’d better remember the warranty and the quality of the car electronics will depend on the brand you buy, some sellers have good products but the after sales service is not so good. It’s always necessary to chat with the seller to confirm that the car electronics you are buying is worth your money and not a difficult job for a professional mechanic to install it. About the Author: By: Rosario Berry – For driving safely on the road, its very essential for the driver to have full knowledge about the variables existing around the driving environment. A better awareness about such variables will certainly translate into a safer driving experience. However, most vehicle owners ha … By: sinuse – We focus on creating .pletely customized .mercial Sound Systems Services Tucson solutions, while our knowledge base, expertise, affordable prices and most importantly our .mercial references do the talking. 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