Which artists will be the future of the leading auction original title: these artists will be the future of contemporary art auction will lead in the major auction has been no attention, has been in there can also be no also situation of contemporary art at auction a few always desolate phenomenon, compared with the ancient and modern auction frenzy, can use the "poor" to describe. People often mistake the performance of contemporary art in the auction, as a barometer of the contemporary art market hot and cold, but ignore the reasons why the ancient modern hot contemporary cold. In fact, the formation of this reason is the ancient, modern and contemporary completely different two types of transactions caused by. In view of contemporary art fair, both in quantity and amount of money than ancient modern art more, contemporary art trading mainly in the broader social market, every market and folk in all parts of the country, there are millions of transactions, the transaction amount. The ancient and modern society is very rare. Ancient and modern society in the transaction difficult to have a variety of reasons, one is because the ancient and modern works in terms of price fluctuation is too large, and even social trading and auction trading is tens of times a hundred times, there is no exact price greatly; two is the ancient and modern society in Stock Co.; three is the identification of genuine works hard. Because of the lack of social talent identification of ancient near modern art, can identify ancient and modern people can say even if there is scanty, most of the lack of credibility and trust; four is the adverse effect caused by false identification of the phenomenon of Beijing, Nanjing, Hangzhou pseudo experts, the case caused by emerge in an endless stream, leaving the ancient and modern works trading credibility in the community of damage, increased the difficulty of private transactions. For this reason, ancient and modern can only get the auction, people have flocked to this year several influential large auction, preview the people now, deliberately or through a variety of ways to identify, and then give yourself a psychological price, and then through the auction, to clinch a deal the purpose of. While contemporary works in the community is the most popular, the city is contemporary art trade circle, or market, or individual galleries, or private communication, their transactions convenient, high degree of trust, but in economic strength, they are with ancient and modern circle of people is too large. Although ancient and modern is a small minority, but they have the economic strength and professional work flow is relatively strong, with strong economic support of collectors. While the contemporary circles, although the popularity of large volume, but the lack of professionalism, the lack of understanding of the level of contemporary artists, more is the emotional and spiritual needs of mass culture. It is the low threshold of the mass demand and the complex feelings of people to the culture and art. Most people will not interested in contemporary circles on the auction, the auction companies to pay any attention to them, because the transaction share a special auction of contemporary art, the price is sometimes not as ancient and modern painting. However, the contemporary circle of people and contradictions of contemporary works相关的主题文章: