When you drink, why are you drunk faster than others? Sohu yesterday saw a news report about a man with friends carnival, a lot of white wine after drinking drunk in a complete mess, friends will be settled in the store the rest after second days to leave each other, they found the man because of alcoholism and stopped breathing. This is a tragedy caused by uncontrolled drinking. But we are advocating rational drinking, moderate drinking at the same time, some people will wonder why a cup on the back, some people do, what makes you drunk faster than others? 1, why people drink drunk? There is a saying called "catch me", the stomach after drinking probably can absorb 20% of the alcohol, the remaining 80% is absorbed into the small intestine. Once the alcohol is absorbed, it will be distributed with the blood to the body’s organs, which is the most affected by the brain and liver. Alcohol can stimulate the brain’s nerve, drunkenness is also affected by the interference of the alcohol. The effects of alcohol on the liver mainly reflected in the metabolic process of alcohol — first by alcohol dehydrogenase is metabolized to acetaldehyde, and then acetaldehyde into acetic acid by acetaldehyde dehydrogenase, and finally transformed into carbon dioxide, water and fat, if the liver metabolism of alcohol can not keep up the pace, it will cause the accumulation of ethanol and acetaldehyde in the blood, causing dizziness, nausea and vomiting and other symptoms of intoxication. Because the human body has 90% alcohol to be metabolized by the liver, the other 10% by way of breathing, sweat and urine excreted. If you drink too much or too fast, it will cause the accumulation of alcohol and acetaldehyde in the body, causing physical discomfort. 2, why are you drunk faster than others? Some people a cup on the back, some people have ten cups of drunkenness, some people do. Drink the same bottle of wine, drink the same amount, why are you drunk faster than others? The reason is the following 5 points: (1) genes we mentioned earlier, the body of 90% alcohol must rely on liver dispose, and not the least of which is the role of metabolic enzymes. Generally, the content of alcohol dehydrogenase in the human body is very small, but the content of aldehyde dehydrogenase is different from that of the nation and individual. The contents of the metabolic enzymes, alcohol and acetaldehyde metabolism will accelerate the speed, people would not be so easy. The average person can metabolize 7g alcohol per hour, drinker (i.e. metabolic enzyme content) can be processed per hour above 10g alcohol. So, a person had the size is largely determined by the innate gene. (2) the speed of drinking is very good understanding, in the case of the same wine accuracy, the faster the speed of drinking, the body absorbs more alcohol. At this time, if the human body absorption rate of alcohol over the liver alcohol metabolism rate, people will soon pass out. (3) fasting drink we all know that fasting is easy to drink drunk, but also how much experience in this area, then you know why? In fact, don’t look at alcohol just a traveler in the stomach, it will stimulate the gastric mucosa, the hyperemia and secretion, which is likely to cause.相关的主题文章: