When people have fled Syria when he left to take care of refugees and homeless cats because of the war, millions of Syrians fled the country, away from home, but there is a man for the relief of those displaced by the cat and decided to stay in his home city of Aleppo, this is probably the most dangerous places in the world. The Syria man named Mohamed · at · Jia Lille (Mohammad Alaa Jaleel), known as the "Aleppo Juan (Cat Man of Aleppo ‘cat)", he adopted hundreds of stray cats, many of which are because the owners abroad to escape the war and were abandoned. Before the war broke out in Aleppo, Jaleel was an ordinary electrician. Now he’s working full-time to help people who need help. In this war eroded City, Jia Lille day is the most important thing is to drive an ambulance to transport the wounded to the hospital. But at the same time, he also took care of a war-torn lives but No one shows any interest in the city of Aleppo, that is the abandoned cat. Lille has set up a homeless cat sanctuary, and every day he has to withdraw $4 from his own income to feed the kittens. Jaleel said, because of war, their living area has been most deserted, many cats have lost their homes in the war, and travel. For 4 years, from July 2012 onwards, the city of Aleppo will continue in Syria’s civil war fighting center, about 40000 people have fled the city, leaving their homes elsewhere, another way of living. He also took care of the cats at this time. "People are gone, the cat is coming." At first there were only 20, and more and more, two years ago, the media reported that the adoption of the cat abandoned by Lille has reached as many as 150. Many of Lille’s friends also left Syria, leaving their pets to Jaleel before they left, because they knew that Lille loved cats. He said that no matter what happens, he will not leave Syria, because he can not abandon the small animals around him. On one occasion, a little girl to find Jia Lille, his cat to him, Jia Lille recalled: she cried very badly, but had to leave the country with his family to go to Turkey." The girl told Jaleel that she would miss the cat, Jia Lille request some love cat for her often photos before he said: "we go home to pick it, if we will be back." Jia Lille promised, and now often sent to the little girl in Turkey photos. If you think the story of his rescue of the cat is not warm enough, then you should know that this person is still active in the forefront of humanitarian relief. About Jia Lille, there is a called "Nobel Peace to Alaa" Facebook home page PO a lot of photos, some of which he rescued from the bombing of the building collapsed in. Carrying barehanded civilians from danger. Even to the poor and the patient to provide an adequate food and clothing. However, these are just living in Lille"相关的主题文章: