What constellation break up the most vicious (Figure) what constellation way of breaking up the most vicious which the constellation of the most ruthless way of breaking up? You are still immersed in TA but long ago sugary love, decided to break up with you, and break up of the way it is, you kill a be taken by surprise! When Gemini Gemini NO.1 shizuo men want to break up, the reason is not so important, but are not a sign of what, suddenly broke out this idea, for the reason, a short process, so they are often a reason. Often they are not ready, usually nervous. They also don’t want to be bothered to "how to appease each other after the throw out a bolt from the blue break the mood, so to others will think this man is really cheap, very hate. NO.2 want to break up Pisces, Pisces often want to comfort each other, do not want to hurt each other, want to solve the problem and tactful idea, but unfortunately his means are not too clever, often very soon found, self defeating. For example, when he discovered that the two of you really mismatched might say it is because of family opposition, results of a few days you met his mother smiling happened to meet you, also asked why you haven’t enthusiasm to play this at home, let a person feel like when feeling cheated. NO.3 Leo for a good face, break this kind of thing is definitely to seize the initiative, self-esteem is extremely sensitive to him, as soon as you feel your feelings have problems, you may leave him, even if he is just suspicion, prefer to have the wrong kill didn’t pass, and broke up when he will remain the king’s superior posture. This situation tends to let the other half feel be rather baffling, especially that victimizes lovers will feel that his break came too suddenly, people completely unable to parry. The wicked NO.1 looks grim for Capricorn Capricorn female, break up such a cruel thing in fact she is not to do it, she is not a chop and change, there is no sense of responsibility, so when she felt a feeling light, she wanted to break up, her approach is often to let each other out and even hesitate to try to set the layout. In fact, she itself is not malicious, have been feeling this thing is not, who are not wrong, but she did superfluous, then the other once know the truth will feel more hurt. NO.2 in Gemini two feelings in the two children but it is still very self, will be according to their own feelings of self circle self portrait love story, so once she decided to take time to let go of a relationship, she is already fully convinced yourself to have reason under the ruthless hand, maybe she will love say you feel dull look is pretty cute, but broke up when she could say she is tired of you like her dumb as a wooden chicken, suddenly face will try to find reasons, but for many reasons it appears in others may feel that a fuss. NO.3 cancer.相关的主题文章: