"Westward journey 3" exposure Wu Jing features cool tough change chatter Tripitaka "westward journey 3" special Wu Jing guy turned chatter monk Tencent entertainment directed by Jeffrey Lau, starring Tang Yan, Han Geng, Karen Mok (micro-blog) (micro signal: karenmok01), Wu Jing, Hu Jing guest star of the "Westward Journey" series of films "boast west 3" Mid Autumn Festival in September 15th will be released in the country. Today, the first exposure of the film side of a Wu Jing series, Wu Jing has always been a jagged tough guy image is well known, the comedy starred chatter of Monk Tang, funny comedy show sell adorable, subversion of self interpretation of much of the audience expect. Wu Jing subvert the image interpretation of funny funny sell adorable Tripitaka chatter nature film exposed the "Westward Journey" created many vivid characters, which is undoubtedly the most subversive ramble in the film as a monk Tang, funny play, "westward journey 3" in the Tripitaka performance level will be more abundant, not only humorous language action funny, each other is also very eye-catching. The exposure of the special edition, Wu Jing changed the past serious guy chatter, the embodiment of the Tripitaka, while in "zhizunbao Zijin CP" rob Han Geng, while Tang Yan accused took advantage of me ", sell adorable showy handy, although its classic screen image contrast greatly but will show a unique temperament funny monk Tang just perfect. Wife Xie Nan also broke the news in the studio "the life of Wu Jing is a talkative, funny humor", thus, this is a character in Wu Jing’s studio. The movie "westward journey 3", "funny Wu Tripitaka" and Xie Nan version of Princess Iron Fan couple with the play, two people will bring what kind of wonderful performance exciting. In addition, martial arts skills, excellent Wu Jing shot action scenes are not sloppy, upside down, kick, hanging wire, all can do it, called the history of the "hard" Tripitaka; in the shape, in addition to head and large ears Shengseng appearance, Wu Jing in blue avatar shape appeared across the planet, mixed image of people full of doubts with curiosity, "Wu monk" why "through" Chengafanda, the answer can only wait until the release of the film before the announcement. Director Wu Jing explore imaginative comedy talent to create a different kind of comedy as the "Westward Journey" series of orthodox new movie, "westward journey 3" will continue before the Wulitou Comedy style. 20 years ago, director and screenwriter Jeffrey Lau broke the traditional impression given the monk chatter properties of a new, 20 years later, the director Dujuhuiyan explore Wu Jing comedy talent, to the audience to show the other side of the cool guy, Wu Jing version of Tripitaka humorous funny and affinity, tough change chatter, a huge contrast but do not have a taste. Director Jeffrey Lau ends the casting film comedy will maximize the effect, the pioneer of the comedy creation idea and the actors to subvert the fierce collision of wonderful interpretation of the self, the depth of mining "hidden attribute Wu Tripitaka", an upgraded version of the Tripitaka will bring no small surprise the audience. The star of Monk Tang, Wu Jing said "I subvert their own", the director responded: "this is a breakthrough, the two hit it off the full understanding and believe the new" Wu Tripitaka "will set off a new round of funny agitation, Wulitou Comedy masterpiece" westward journey 3 "will also accompany the fans to spend.相关的主题文章: