Welcome the first snowfall in northern Xinjiang this fall lowest temperature -8 original title: Xinjiang northern Aletai ushered in the first large-scale snow cool autumn weather in new network on 14 October, Urumqi (Sun Tingwen Xia Renshan) 14 day, Jimunai County, Aletai area of northern Xinjiang in autumn this year the first snow, snow let the county around the vast expanse. Accompanied by snow, the minimum temperature has dropped to -8 C, tuyere wind around 8. The snow will continue until night, at present, Jimunai county is in the pastoral area animal husbandry transitions and lambing nursery period, agriculture and animal husbandry will be affected. It is reported that a new round of cold air, 13 days 12 when, Aletai meteorological observatory issued a cold, blue gale warning signal, Aletai next two days will usher in a new round of changes in the weather process. The rain and sleet or snow, some places northward and eastward in the rain turning snow mountain due to blizzard. Jimunai County Agricultural Bureau of agricultural technology promotion Zhanfuzhanchang Liu Hui said: "as of now Jimunai county economic crops, oil sunflower, corn harvest has been put in storage, now there are some watermelon in the air, according to meteorological department weather, farmers have done yard work. At present waiting for fine weather to dry after." According to the meteorological department forecast, the two day of the Qinggil County minimum temperature will drop to below zero, since the first snow will also usher in the autumn. 13 to the night of 15, most of the county in Qinggil has a moderate amount of rain to snow, mountains in some areas of the big snow. Qinggil residents Abergem Khan said, these days the weather suddenly turned cold, I put the thick clothes out of the house put on the. At the same time, Fuyun County temperatures will drop to -7 degrees Celsius, ushered in the cool, snow weather. Fuyun county meteorological station long Ling Guli said, is expected to 13 ~15 days of Fuyun county with small to medium amount of rain and sleet or snow, some places have moderate to large mountain rain turning snow, local heavy snow, the temperature dropped significantly. With the rain, snow, and the arrival of the temperature as well as cooling, will be late harvest crops and animal husbandry, as well as people’s traffic travel have varying degrees of influence. The next 48 hours, most of the lowest temperature drop in Aletai area up to more than 8 degrees Celsius, the lowest temperature appears in the morning of 15 or 16, the lowest temperature in Aletai area up to -6 ~-1 C, -10 degrees Celsius in the mountains. Local meteorological departments to remind, forestry, animal husbandry, transportation and other relevant departments should do a good job in advance prevention work, the public should pay attention to add clothes. Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: