"We have come to the" show strength and beauty of God carrying fire fighters into battle – Sohu   entertainment; the goddess of fire fighters carrying Qi battle Sohu of Hunan satellite TV entertainment news "we have come to the" Tenth exciting content, the 20:20 will be released on Friday. In this program, all the guests and firefighters jointly staged a brilliant song and dance show, interact with the fire brigade are muscular game also makes the eight goddesses girl heart full. Carina Lau, Angie Chiu volunteered to participate in the electric scissors lavish with egg game, one of two states to tempt the audience. By the fire officers and soldiers busy "successful" Fire Dance circle powder eight goddesses, seven feet tall on the scene with a witty perfect interpretation of what is called tough guytenderness dance. Heavy rescue equipment with egg Angie Chiu shifali easily fix the red and blue teams each team sent a member of firefighters and cooperation, the use of electric scissors lavish with egg, a smooth transfer of three without destroying the egg case, and for the shortest time team win. Angie Chiu on behalf of the blue team play, with the tacit understanding and firefighters, legal minds use white snake game, the whole slow and not buckled. Wang Han can not help but sigh: "Millennium practice is not white." In contrast, the red team, before the game by firefighters trapped the abdominal Carina Lau competition to represent the red team. After playing for them to wait metrosexual man, and a close contact. The first round of the game, Carina Lau lose the first battle screaming attracted. The audience was also Carina Lau’s "boldness" shock and awe, have craned his neck to find out. The handheld "broadsword" Carina Lau frequently, on stage are the heart to the throat eyes. Fire them all out on the stage and they are the most lovely people, life and death, fearless firefighters wearing orange rescue protect our homes and defend our country, the moment rescue service, on behalf of the responsibility, they are known as "the most lovable people". On the stage, they return to the music with the music, showing the lovely face of the big boy. The big boy not changed seriously, poker-faced do lovely action. Cold face, contrast provoked the audience adorable clapped. The goddess who is willing to be possessed many sister, liao. The stars and firefighters last chorus of "true hero", this song is dedicated to the presence of fire fighters, and also sing once, at the moment the fire and rescue fire heroes after death. Put on the military uniform of the moment, means that the rescue had meant everything to serve the people, means to disregard life and death. As Yuan Hong said: "everyone is an idol, everyone can live differently". They are the people’s rescue when the rescue, rescue outside they are their idols. What are the ten guests in the Dalian fire brigade? What will happen to the goddess and fire officers and soldiers at the party and what kind of interaction? Please lock the Friday night 20:20 Hunan TV "us", they really come out!相关的主题文章: