Watch the first ascent of pioneer ladder season game player interview mouse settings share Q: first of all, congratulations on your first service ladder season in the "watch" pioneer in the summit, and say hello to everyone. ASsamsara: Hello, I’m Samsara from AS E-sports club, I am very pleased to accept this interview. Q: you are serving the country’s first on the ladder 90 level game player, it is reported that at the end of July you will reach this achievement, can share your winning skills with us? ASsamsara: This is a process from easy to difficult, low level of the ladder is very easy, and I was 70 after the 9139 team double; just updated version, the great spirit began to appear, every game is quality Bureau, we also play quite happy. Q: where do you choose to play in the competition? The three most commonly used heroes are? ASsamsara: I will generally choose the most common assault, the hero is Genji, Mccrea and death. Genji this version is very strong, very suitable for the storm. In the Genji not playing effect when, I would choose Mccrea. Death is out on the opposite side of the tank more cases, but if we Youchan Yata protect them I will continue to use Mccrea. Because the team is the relationship between the tank, under his protection, I can rest assured that the output. Q: as a professional, what do you think are the two most powerful teams in the country? ASsamsara: the current domestic iG and NGA is recognized as one of the teams, but the domestic watch team very rapid development of occupation, our team has also changed in the lineup, hope to have the opportunity to play them in future games. Q: a lot of players will be curious about the life of a professional, can you share with us the usual training life? ASsamsara: the club recently ushered in three new players, we are still running in. Daily life is every day, coach training schedule, one day the rest of the fixed time every week, manager and coach will take us out to play for fun, we can guarantee the rest. Q: unfortunately you did not become a problem due to the age of "pioneer" watch World Cup vote candidates currently China dream team lineup has been published, you think Chinese team can achieve what results in the world cup? ASsamsara: I think that can be selected are very powerful players, since it is the choice of the majority of players, I believe they can give us show the strength of the Chinese team in the world-class game. Q: "watch" pioneer new map eichenwald has been published, what do you think of the new map? ASsamsara: the new map is relatively new, located in Germany, is an offensive escort mixed map. A party to escort the siege into castle to win the hero Balderich’s body, the other side is to prevent and resist the attack, compared with the game map taste.相关的主题文章: