Want to challenge the Tesla electric car market reached the high-end rookie Silicon Valley Silicon Valley recently appeared a new automobile manufacturing enterprise, its name is called Lucid Motors, recently the company unveiled its first prototype car, this is a high-end electric car. Before the company’s name is called Atleva, founded mainly for the development of electric vehicle battery pack. After 2 years of research and development, Lucid Motors’s first car finally formed, although now can only see the white body (Body in White). The body of the white body refers to the body before welding is completed but not painted, excluding the door, hood and other moving parts. Recently, a reporter visited the company is located in California, Menlo Park (Menlo Park) Lucid Motors headquarters, where the secret development of the upcoming car. In addition to see the white car, as well as a car has been completed 90-95%, Lucid Motors told reporters the automotive components, including power transmission systems, internal conceptual design. Two executives received reporters, one is CTO Peter Rawlinson (Peter Rawlinson), he has worked in Tesla, Jaguar, there is a vice president of design (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) Derek Jenkins (Derek Jenkins). Jenkins worked in Mazda, designed the latest MX-5 Miata car. Lucid Motors and some employees from tesla. When asked about the name of the car, Rawlinson refused to answer, saying he would announce later. Lucid Motors is based on the Atieva battery R & D department as a foundation. The company applied for a lithium ion battery patent, its technology can ensure that the battery will not be a substantial decline in the high power cycle, for electric vehicles, this feature is essential. Lucid Motors claims that the company’s battery energy density is 20% higher than that of its rivals, mainly because of its cooling and energy control technology. Rawlinson said, because the company has an excellent battery technology, developed a dual engine system, when the car launch mileage (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) will be more than 300 miles (482 km), the company is also considering 400 miles (643 km) version of the car. He also said that the car will be installed on each axle of an engine, the maximum speed of more than 200 miles (321 kilometers), but the production version of the car will be limited in speed. When the company called Atieva had previously demonstrated Edna car. This is a truck, the installation of a dual engine system, the total horsepower of up to 1200, and later due to some reasons to limit to 900 horsepower. Despite the power down, the Edna will only take 2.69 seconds to accelerate from 0 to about 60 miles an hour. Rawlinson revealed that the car weighs less than 1000 pounds (about 454 kg), more in line with aerodynamic characteristics, it will be faster. Reporter drive Edna car, in the highway entrance, accelerate the ability of automobile people.相关的主题文章: