Wanda sanction two executives: misappropriation of company funds to the original Dalian Municipal Committee in September 29th for bribery, bribery 300 thousand yuan Wanda to the thing in the Liaoning Province, the former Dalian Municipal Committee, Dalian Changxing Island economic and Technological Development Zone, former Secretary of the Party Working Committee, the CMC director of the Jincheng bribery case, Wanda Group in its official website published "on the cold transfer of gold Han Yuqiu, the decision", a positive response to media reports Wanda staff involved the original Jincheng Dalian Municipal Committee bribery case. The statement said: Recently, some media published reports on the Jincheng bribery case, group learned that, when he was the general manager of Dalian Wanda Commercial Company Leng Chuanjin and vice president of finance Han Yuqiu worked in the Xigang District of Dalian city in 2008 and 2009 two unauthorized misappropriation of company funds 300 thousand yuan bribe when he was the former mayor, District Secretary jincheng. To this end, the group decided: first, Leng Chuanjin serious violation of the group’s financial regulations, unauthorized misappropriation of corporate funds bribery, the matter has brought serious negative impact on the group, the main responsibility. Two, the group has always been the implementation of financial vertical management, Han Yuqiu, as deputy chief financial officer in the absence of financial reporting to the group in the case of unauthorized transfer of funds transferred to the company, with direct responsibility. Three, the group decided to remove the cold transfer Wanda Dalian Wanda Commercial real estate Limited by Share Ltd chief engineer, to terminate the labor contract, given that Han Yuqiu has retired, no additional administrative sanctions. Four, the group’s board of directors decided to temporarily freeze the Dalian Wanda Commercial real estate held by the two stake in the company, stop the issuance of the shares of the two. Five, instructed the Group Audit Center immediately rushed to the Dalian company, carries on the investigation to the cold, Han duo and Dalian company’s financial situation, according to the survey results of further sanctions. The group reiterated that all employees take this as a warning, profound lessons, strictly abide by the system, such as a violation, severely punished. Lists the transfer of gold, then cold Dalian Wanda financial director Han Al and Jin Cheng’s own testimony and other evidence in Liaoning Province, Benxi City Intermediate People’s court verdict: for problems in the development of Xigang District, thank has served as party secretary Jin Cheng in the company, Wanda and other enterprises in the restructuring of help and support in 2008, the Spring Festival, the Spring Festival of 2009, Dalian Wanda financial director Han Yuqiu from the company’s accounts were removed 200 thousand yuan and 100 thousand yuan in the bank card, by the cold pass to Jin Cheng. Verdict shows that in October 2001 the cold transfer of any real estate Wanda Dalian real estate board members, managers. The court held that the defendant Jincheng as a national staff, for others to seek illegitimate interests, illegally accepting trustees property, a huge amount, have constituted the crime of accepting bribes. To this end, sentenced to 13 years in prison and fined RMB 2 million yuan, the confiscation of the illegal proceeds shall be confiscated and turned over to the treasury. The stock market investment figure post, forward-looking, limit prediction, as in the micro signal capture Niugu, [Phoenix] or [ifengstock] securities after the analysis of the trend of A shares, pointing out the trend of tomorrow, please pay attention to micro signal [Master] or [fupan588] 2相关的主题文章: