"Wait" mentality of the most dangerous Beijing – not long ago, listening to a leading comrades said such a word: "now a lot of accidents are out. Turn a blind eye to the past, lessons learned after a set of sets, this is very dangerous!" This is sobering. According to statistics, from January to June this year, the country has 23 thousand and 500 kinds of accidents, the death of 14 thousand and 100 people. Among them, there are some irresistible factors such as natural disasters, accidents and accidental factors; but there are also "lead" way of thinking: This is not mine, I fuck this time doing? Just because some people don’t fuck this time, one after another accident but let down broken heart. Su Shi has a famous saying in "chaocuo theory": "wait and see not the fear, so as not to be saved." From a philosophical perspective, the accident is movement of contradictions among the results, to prevent the occurrence of accidents, largely through play to people’s subjective initiative, and using the law of contradiction, the early, small, anti anti Yan, truly a rainy day, in an adorable message. Ensure that safety is a systematic project, involving many factors, environment, management system, etc., only everyone takes the responsibility, do not ignore every link, not every small hole, without leaving any dead, can make all kinds of accidents of nip in the bud. If you hold a "not belongs to me, don’t fuck time" mentality, then a similar accident happen again can hardly be avoided. Some security issues, if out of the case, there is no ten thousand". The reason why the accident is the most dangerous, the reason and here. Out of the accident, is behind the lack of some sense of responsibility, do not want to work, unwilling to bear responsibility, all in the blues, do things carelessly, watched or even wait for an accident, undertaking responsibility even "zhalei are not awake". The reason, when there are several kinds of mentality: one is to understand the boundary of responsibility worldly-wise and play safe, narrow, as long as not in charge of their own things, 10 Fen no matter, the trouble is not accountable to his head; the two is It’s better to save trouble., think more and more work accident risk more, do not will be mistaken for the limelight, land grab, fishing capital, is the biggest security not to do things on their own; three is greed is not good government, guarded rules and general business opposition, simply do not eat, do not take, also do not, to dry, dry and more dry less, is of no great importance. To solve the "wait" mentality, need comprehensive measures tackling the problem, the most important of which is to solve the problem of the spiritual realm. A party cadres can usually see, the key moment to stand out, danger excluded draw ", mainly lies in constantly temper their own ideology and morality, enhance their spiritual realm. Therefore, Party members and cadres should not only always enter the state, in its place, their government, their own kind of third of an acre, and have the ambition, dare to play, pay attention to those who seemed to have no direct relationship, but with the party, country, society and people bound together in a common cause. This is the difference between a cadre is "establishing the party for the public watershed" or "officer himself")相关的主题文章: