Vengeance? Hebei Hengda Industry and breaking the wrist will sit in the stands watching [Pei] prospective Huaxia new coach debut war Hengda Luneng return home court attack Yatai special correspondent Zhang Jing reported in the twenty-fourth round of the tournament this weekend will be renewed in September 10th, Hebei, China will be happy in the home court against Guangzhou Hengda leader. The last confrontation between China and the United States to lose, but the team does not accept. The Super League once again challenge the new overlord, and all this, with coach Pellegrini’s upcoming debut, eye-catching. Two for the main return the last 9 games, 1 wins and 2 draws and 6 Chinese happiness negative results from table second down to fifth, ranking third in the distance Shanghai Greenland Shenhua has 5 points, this is a direct result of coach Li Tie. Popular attention coach Pellegrini is not in place, so the recent training and game against Evergrande, will be led by the leader Gao Yao. In this league intermittent period, Huaxia happiness for two friendlies, first in August 31st 0 1 lost to Tianjin TEDA, followed in September 1st 2 to 1 victory over Beijing guoan. The game against TEDA, Huaxia happiness is to reserve team, therefore does not have the reference value; and to overcome the national security of the game, the team sent the main battle, on the front of Alois Theo and Dong Xuesheng are very active. It is worth noting that the French winger Kakuta back injury, and played in pre-season and played well. So, in addition to the ban in the field of the four yellow gervinho and suspended Gurum, many key players including mbia, Alois Theo, can play hengda. Hebei team would like to break the wrist and Hengda and China’s happy rival Guangzhou Hengda, also suffered a downturn in the intermittent period. The last 5 games, Hengda only win away at Henan Jianye, another 4 games 2 flat 2 negative. More importantly, the 5 game Hengda scored only 4 goals, which is currently the difference between the efficiency of their 23 games a lot of poor 42. However, the momentum is not as strong as the former Hengda fierce as before, but it is still leading the second Jiangsu Suning advantage of leading the standings standings 6 points. In the League left seven rounds of the case, Hengda is still the most promising team to win. But in the intermittent period two national team, Zheng Zhi, Huang Bowen, Feng Xiaoting, Hengda, Li Xuepeng, Ceng Cheng, Zhang Linpeng and other international most of the main identity participated in the national team with South Korea and Iran 12 finals, and China Happy Jiang Ning and Haifeng Ding are also selected for the national team and the team fought. But the two games were not played, and Paulinho also returned to South America in the Brazil national team’s World Cup match, so the fatigue will Hengda facing the enemy. To take over the team with Hengda wrist in early Chinese happiness, began large investment, the industry had said "Evergrande", for this argument of China is the use of "we don’t do so second, we have to do our own" to respond to. Although the clear, but the club’s heart still want to break off with Guangzhou Evergrande wrist. The ninth round of the season, the two sides in the League for the first time to fight. At that time, or the Chinese coach Li Tie happy, but rarely put"相关的主题文章: