"Us" officer Joe Chen Angie Chiu challenges Sheenah crying farewell entertainment   Karen Mok Sheenah – Sohu; Xi Mengyao Xu Jiao with smile [Click To Watch Box HD atlas] Wang Han led the team in blue juice barrel dancing   Angie Chiu dressed in red elegant dress masked mysterious Sohu of Hunan satellite TV entertainment news "we have come to the" Twelfth period, Xinjiang station ending drama this Friday, the upcoming, welcome to watch the video of the Sohu wonderf. Shanshan town in the east of the beautiful Turpan basin, the ten guests will be completed, we came to the last phase of the program recording. Here is not filled with every hour and moment were sad mood, but interesting game makes guests forget the talk is pleasure drink respectively! Moving with funny, the heat is not reduced, wonderful constantly. What are the highlights of this period?     interesting festival happy to be pressed to open the unity of the pomegranate seed Rome, ten guests came to Xinjiang for the Xinjiang minority costumes, feel the charm of ethnic minorities in Xinjiang, ten guests and a big show of folk style costumes, became a eye-catching scenery field. The opening of the annual Wine Festival with the participation of ten guests, especially lively. Ten guests were divided into two groups, large barrel stepped into the traditional grapes are artificial juice, accompanied by melodious song "Ala Muhan" dance, sweet Grape Juice slowly flowing. The vineyard fruit vine winding overlap, sweet fruits such as Yi, come to such a cool summer fresh products taste good place of beauty, ten guests "emancipation of nature" and the local kids open play mode. When playing pomegranate seed game, the director of a random number, representing the number of 1 guests and the number of representatives of the 0.5 children need to accurately embrace together. Ten guests and local children spent a feature of the opening section of the game, at a high temperature feel the power of unity. When Turpan’s "sweet" and Hunan’s "hot" meet, the audience will have what kind of feeling? Funny Master Sheenah performing "hardcore" elegant goddess Angie Chiu imitates the stars of the ten guests for lunch in the idol of the family, the program group for "we have come to the" traditional games of skill competition. Wang Han and Sheenah as the two season veteran, to all the guests said: in the first quarter of the program is to drink milk with mustard, and this program is prepared by the rich local characteristics of Xinjiang Grape Juice. Ten cups of the same color Grape Juice among the two groups, there is a cup of taste different from other four cups of juice each smell, see who drink the juice by observing the smell. The current round of competition with Sheenah, first in the nose of a ruminate, undaunted. Subsequently, Yuzuo drinking, helpless because of cup "smell" caused a burst of nausea. A toast, a hand on the chest, 45 degrees look up at the sky and took a deep breath, as if to swallow this cup of wine". Unexpectedly, just to check, pursed her lips. Which know the mutation style. I saw Sheenah dilated pupils, blinking eyes hushanhushan, signaled for "Ai hey, good oh". The play down, the audience already smile face.相关的主题文章: