U.S. Navy new Virginia class submarine delivery Mrs. Obama sponsorship Xinhua Beijing August 28 by the United States first lady ·,, an attack nuclear powered by the nuclear submarine, the United States Navy, the United States Navy delivered to the U.S. Navy on the 27 day. The ship under water "Big Mac" at a cost of $2 billion 700 million, is the thirteenth Virginia class nuclear powered submarine, can perform a variety of tasks, including anti submarine tactical transport and reconnaissance, special forces. The submarine is headquartered in Connecticut, the General Dynamics Electric Boat Corp of Groton, took 5 and a half years, thousands of technical personnel from Connecticut, Rhode Island and Virginia participated in the project. The nuclear submarine will be named after Michel’s home state of Illinois, is scheduled to launch service in October 29th, when Michel will attend the launching ceremony held on the same day. As one of the sponsors, Michel’s initials are engraved on a steel plate, placed in the dining room crew. Michel will also be based on the submarine and the crew and their families to establish a special relationship". U.S. media did not mention the specific amount of Michel sponsorship funds. Kenneth, vice president of General Dynamics Electric Boat Corp · Blom Stette introduction, the submarine did not occur during the construction of the main fault, the water test performance excellent". Submarine commander Jess · Potter said they will continue to test the submarine to verify its combat capability. "Illinois" hull length of 115 meters, a displacement of 7800 tons of water, more than 46 kilometers per hour, the standard crew of 130 people, equipped with weapons including torpedo and Tomahawk missiles. The Associated Press reported that after the transformation of the ship’s nuclear submarine, equipped with two larger diameter launch pipeline, the future can launch more advanced weapons or unmanned ship. According to the White House, this is the second time that Michel has become the patron of the US military ships project, in addition to the "Illinois" nuclear submarine, she also sponsored the U.S. Coast Guard guard ship "Carter · Stratton". Mrs. Obama had to declare their property is about 180-700 million, apart from the possibility of Michel property and does not accord with public data so heavily to support naval sponsorship. According to common sense, Michel’s sponsorship can only serve as a nominal role in the sponsorship of a costly naval ship. Get a qualification for throwing champagne at the launching ceremony. After all, things are pretty common.相关的主题文章: