University graduates unable to repay the loan owed theft injured hand was arrested in Hubei city of Enshi medical college students who have just graduated Wang jiancaiqiyi, did not expect, smashing the windows of the car theft of property when the hands are scratched, was arrested by the police to the hospital. 29, Enshi City Public Security Bureau police told the surging news (the suspect Wang is to repay the debt of small loan companies desperate crime, at present, the case is still in further processing. On the evening of August 22nd, Mr. Tan, a Enshi resident who parked in an underground parking garage in a residential area, was robbed of a window. A backpack, an apple 5S phone and more than 3500 yuan in cash were stolen from the car. After receiving the alarm, the police rushed to the scene to carry out the investigation. Police found that the car right side of the window has been smashed, the car next to the ground scattered a large number of glass fragments, part of the glass fragments are stained with blood, and the blood also from the car to the underground parking garage exit extension. Police analysts believe that the blood is extremely likely to steal the suspect injured when smashing the window left, to see the degree of bleeding, the injury may not light. Wounded and bleeding must go to the hospital bandage. Along this clue, the Enshi Municipal Public Security Bureau police officers and soldiers were divided, and visited the medical institutions in Enshi City, and finally in a hospital outpatient department of Enshi Prefecture, to find a Wang man to the hospital late night bandaged hand wound, suture 8 needle medical records. According to medical staff, the police found that the man carrying a backpack and victim Tam Tam stolen backpack is very similar. Thus, the police will be Wang as the main suspect, dispatched to arrest the implementation. September 24th evening at 7 o’clock, the police in Enshi, Xueyuan Road, a cake shop, Wang arrested. After the review, Wang confessed, after graduation business is not ideal, by small loan company to recover debts. The evening of August 22nd, invited by a friend in the bar, take the elevator to the underground parking lot, parking lots of cars to see, jiancaiqiyi and the initiation of the idea of car theft of property. In the use of brick smashed Mr. Tan window glass theft, confused in the rush to break the left hand of broken glass. According to Wang explained, and then, the police in his home, found Mr. Tan stolen apple 5S mobile phones and backpacks. At present, the case is still under further investigation.

大学毕业生欠贷无力偿还 偷窃弄伤手就医被抓  湖北恩施市刚刚毕业的大学生王某见财起意,未料,砸车窗盗窃车内财物时手被划伤,前往医院就诊时被民警抓获。29日,恩施市公安局办案民警告诉澎湃新闻(,嫌疑人王某是为偿还小额贷款公司的债务铤而走险作案的,目前,案件仍在进一步办理中。  8月22日晚,恩施市民谭先生停在某小区地下停车场的小汽车被砸窗盗窃,放在车内的一个背包、一部苹果5S手机及3500余元现金被盗。  接到报警后,民警迅速赶到现场展开勘查。民警发现,小汽车右侧车窗已被全部砸碎,车旁地面散落了大量玻璃碎片,部分玻璃碎片上还沾有血迹,并且,血迹还从车旁向地下停车场出口延伸。民警分析认为,血迹极有可能是盗窃犯罪嫌疑人在砸车窗时受伤留下的,看流血程度,伤势可能不轻。  受伤流血肯定要到医院包扎。沿着这条线索,恩施市公安局民警兵分多路,逐家走访恩施市区内的医疗机构,最终在恩施州某医院门诊部查找到了一名王某男子深夜到医院包扎手部伤口、缝合8针的就医记录。据医护人员描述,民警发现,该男子随身携带的一个背包与受害人谭先生被盗的背包极为相似。由此,民警将王某列为主要犯罪嫌疑人,实施布控抓捕。  9月24号晚上7时许,民警在恩施市学院路一家蛋糕店,将王某抓获归案。  经审查,王某交代,其毕业后创业不理想,被小额贷款公司追讨债务。8月22日晚,其受朋友邀约在酒吧喝酒后,乘坐电梯到达地下停车场,看到停车场内众多小汽车后,见财起意,萌生了盗窃车内财物的念头。在用砖头砸谭先生车窗玻璃实施盗窃时,手忙脚乱中被碎玻璃划伤左手。  根据王某交代,随后,民警在其家中,找到了谭先生被盗的苹果5S手机和背包。目前,案件仍在进一步办理中。相关的主题文章: