UK Championship analysis: Jilin ham disk will not win adverse – Sohu Jilin Hanmu vs 20162017 UK Luton Synan match time: 2016-08-31 2:30 Wednesday: 1.14 Asian plate crown hemisphere a ball 0.75 Jin Baobo Asia plate: 1.16 hemisphere a ball 0.76 William Hill: 1.83 3.60 3.75 1.85 3.60 4 Ladbrokes: [news] 1, score data Jilin ham is the football league team last season, the British Championships in third laps in the 201415 season to the semi finals, the last 2 seasons they played very well. 2, Jilin’s recent state of instability, the last round of the league in the 3-2 win at Shrewsbury Town, ending 3 consecutive matches. Recent home better, nearly 2 home made a total of 1 wins and 1 draws. 3, Luton from the English league, last season, the British Kam to stop in the second lap, a total of only the history of the game to get a total of 1 wins and 2 losses, their experience is a short board of the United Kingdom in the game of the 3. 4, Luton League away victory over 3-0 Cambridge, Colson, Mario and Hareton accomplishment, finally is the end of the 2 game losing streak. 5, both sides in the history of 6 games, Jilin 3 wins, 1 draws and 2 losses, 3 wins and 1 home court. Some events, the history of a total of 6 games play 4 big ball. [analysis] asian handicap according to data provided the net score, mainstream companies generally half opened, instant plate water level is about 1.14, the first Bet365 is approaching the hemisphere. Jilin, the high level of the league, nearly 87 games only defeat and the last round of league wins from Luton 2 game losing streak, Jilin had also got the advantage in the past, so the fundamentals down disc is obviously lack of confidence in the performance, the market optimistic about the return of Luton unbeaten. SMG recommended: 10 ball recommend: Luton +0.75相关的主题文章: