U.S. media: U.S. ships ran into 12 mile island the South China Sea is not very disappointed data figure: U.S. Navy T-AO-193 supply ship of maritime supply original title for other U.S. warships in the South China Sea: U.S. media: U.S. ships ran into 12 mile island the South China Sea is not very disappointed according to U.S. media reported on October 22nd, in the United States Navy the implementation of the South China Sea once again said the "freedom of navigation" action. The U.S. Department of defense confirmed Decatur Navy Missile Destroyer 21 in Paracel Islands, the implementation of this act, which entered the building in the waters near the island and the island, but not to enter these reefs around 12 nautical miles. This is from a year ago to restore U.S. fourth related actions since the disputed waters in the South China navigation implementation at or near the sea, it is the first time in 5 months. The US military says the freedom of action is to challenge the country’s over territorial claims. Reported that some U.S. lawmakers and defense experts criticized the military did not implement more and more direct freedom of action in the South China sea. The Decatur destroyer did not enter the China around to control the islands within 12 miles, let some people down, is expected to lead to more criticism. In January this year, the Navy, Curtis · Wilbur missile destroyer in the same sea area to carry out freedom of navigation during the action, entered the island within 12 miles of the built island. However, let the military relief, "Decatur" destroyer during the implementation of this action despite the Chinese ship tracking, but there is no accident. China’s official report says a Chinese Navy Missile Destroyer and a missile frigate have warned the u.s.. China defense ministry said in a statement late 21, Chinese naval missile destroyer "Guangzhou" and "Luoyang" missile frigate act immediately, identification verification of U.S. warships, and to "warning expelled". Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying on the matter of reporters, according to the provisions of the "law" of People’s Republic of China territorial sea and the contiguous zone and relevant international law, foreign warships into the territorial waters must be approved by the government China Chinese. The United States warships without the approval of the Chinese side without authorization into the Chinese territorial waters, a serious violation of Chinese sovereignty and security interests, a serious violation of Chinese related laws and international law, undermine the waters of peace, security and good order, China is firmly opposed to and strongly condemned. Chinese naval aircraft at the scene took the first time to respond to the U.S. ship to be warned to drive away. Hua Chunying said that the United States does not respect the coastal state sovereignty, security and maritime rights and interests, the implementation of the so-called "freedom of navigation" in the territorial waters of other countries, a serious violation of international law, is extremely irresponsible provocations. At the same time, the United States deliberately create and render tension, but also to seek peace, cooperation with the regional countries, the common desire to develop incompatible. The United States warned China seriously reflect on the relevant policies, urged the United States to respect and abide by the China laws and relevant international law, provocation to stop the damage China’s sovereignty, security and maritime rights and interests, and do more to promote peace and stability in the region. And the mutual trust between China and the us. China will continue to closely monitor the sea and air, and according to the need to take all necessary measures to safeguard the China "相关的主题文章: