U.S. media: Tiangong two highlights Chinese space ambitions, the United States should cooperate with the Chinese data figure: China Temple space station imagination figure original title: America Media: Tiangong two highlights Chinese space ambitions, the United States should cooperate with China China news network September 15th news (reporter Li Linxu) CNN (CNN) published in September 15th entitled "to Chinese launch of Tiangong two space laboratory" article said that launch Tiangong two is China construction space station "is a key step of ambition", the United States should not abandon the current policy of cooperation as soon as possible to carry out cooperation and China in space domain. The article pointed out that, compared with Tiangong-1 (micro-blog), Temple No. two, more livable". It uses the experimental module and resource module two cabin configuration, with the ability to support the work of 2 astronauts in orbit, living for 30 days. "Heaven" is the first experimental platform, a large space station is the ultimate goal of Chinese Shenzhou project." The article quoted Professor Jean Johnson Fraser. The U.S. Naval War College then commented. The article expects the China built space station time node and the international space station time node close to retirement, this means that the Chinese or will become the world’s only a space station in orbit of the country, said that some European astronauts have begun to learn Chinese. "China will certainly want to cooperate with the United States in the field of space to prove that it has been accepted by the international family of space flight. But because China is about to build its own space station, and other countries outside the United States have also been working with China, China’s initiative to cooperate with the United States declined." Jo Johnson Fraser said. The article said that China’s space exploration into the late, until 1970 before the launch of the first satellite, when the United States has successfully landed on the moon. Over the past 40 years, China has invested a lot of money and resources to carry out related research and development and training, the future will not only intend to send the probe to Mars, but also intends to send people to the moon. Jo Johnson Fraser urged the United States should carry out cooperation with China in space, "if the United States does not change as soon as possible the current cooperation policy, the United States will lose China of future space programs of all possible influence." 2011, the United States Congress on national security grounds, the introduction of a discriminatory clause prohibits NASA and China have any cooperation.相关的主题文章: