Tsingtao Brewery Festival lit summer Carnival – tourism Channel original title: Tsingtao Brewery Festival lit summer Carnival in Qingdao in August is always full of passion. Asia’s largest beer festival Qingdao International Beer Festival opened, visitors from all over the world from all sides came on time, in the moist sea breeze, the white waves and light beer wheat flavor, drink a toast. Scheduled to open the carnival in August 13th, Qingdao city mayor Zhang Xinqi opened the twenty-sixth Tsingtao Brewery festival the first barrel of beer, hops to splash the opening scene instantly boiling, Qingdao once again become the output happy "". The beer festival is fully deserve the protagonist, the Qingdao International Beer Festival brings together the world’s most influential beer and domestic beer brands more than 500 kinds of products, many of which are from across the ocean far away to Qingdao. A strong aroma, mellow taste of black beer, ice water from the Alps’s top wines in Germany Bai dragon, specifically for a female friend apple taste, strawberry flavor and a variety of low alcohol beer flavor…… In order to let tourists drink the most authentic German beer, beer and some greenhouse manufacturers early in March to prepare for the order by the German Beer Festival, beer manufacturers shipped, these over 3 months after arriving in Qingdao, after successfully passed the customs clearance, food safety inspection before admission. Into the beer festival at the foot of the Laoshan venue, the characteristics of the beer tent for tourists to bring hundreds of flavors of beer. The wine intoxicating, mouth special delicacy fragrance, accompanied by entertainment table, and other characteristics of Carnival games. Then will be transferred to the west coast of Qingdao Jinshatan beer Square, beer big tent, style wooden blocks, supporting commercial and service facilities, parking lot, theme parks, International Circus integration, to create a distinctive "ocean sea beer festival". The wine fermented barley Wuzhou guests gathered in beer floating over the city, from all over the world beer big tent like pieces of magnet to attract guests from all sides. This summer, the beer festival became the symbol of Qingdao tourism, many foreign tourists come here. In the big beer, I saw the Harbin tourists Li Yuan and his two friends. Three of them specifically for the Oktoberfest beer festival to travel to Qingdao, a lot of surprises for them: "in the Tsingtao Brewery section not only can drink beer from all over the world, you can also experience the service robot, VR games, ball screen movies, many are not played before, feel very cool." Qingdao International Beer Festival is like the whole city living room, entertain friends from all over the world. In Qingdao, engaged in foreign trade business, Mr. Chen will be invited every year in Japan and the United States customers to Qingdao to participate in the beer festival: "while the Qingdao International Beer Festival the opportunity, please foreign customers to come to Qingdao to talk about business, contact feelings, drink beer to a more harmonious relationship." The day before, the German Munich TV station sent a crew to Qingdao, shooting a film called "Chinese Beer Festival" documentary to show in Germany Qingdao International Beer Festival on behalf of the China beer festival. The documentary team leader Nikko said, Qingdao International Beer day show real and light show display of a modern and innovation, and Qingdao)相关的主题文章: