Home-and-Family "Increasingly, household moulds are being identified as the cause of a variety of health problems. Often misdiagnosed, moulds can trigger mild to severe reactions, and in some cases may even be life-threatening. Moulds are everywhere and are an important natural part of the environment, but indoors and in high concentrations, molds are decidedly not beneficial to health. Symptoms of mould exposure can include, sneezing, coughing, watery eyes, headaches and other symptoms that are often mistakenly identified as bacterial or viral infections. Since the symptoms resemble those of flu or colds, many times they go undiagnosed at all. Mould can cause severe problems with elderly people, infants and others who may have heightened sensitivity for other reasons. Moulds thrive on moisture and can grow anywhere sufficient moisture is present. The worst mould problems are usually found in areas where there has been extensive water damage, or where moist conditions are persistent. Its important to keep an eye out for sources of potential mould growth in the home, and where found, steps should be taken to .pletely eliminate it. The most dangerous types of mould are usually found in walls or ceilings where there has been a lot of water damage and where the moisture has been present over a long period, but moulds can live in carpets, rugs, and cloth as well. In very humid conditions mould can grow on almost any surface, and sometimes can be controlled with dehumidifiers but its also important not to create conditions where mould can easily grow. Small areas affected by mold can be treated by first getting rid of the moisture and the source of the moisture, and then cleaning the area with a mould killing agent. Vinegar is a natural, non-toxic mould killer that can be quite effective for controlling mould growth. For large areas, it my be necessary to remove and replace drywall, ceiling material or carpeting. Always use a dust mask and rubber gloves when removing mould and dispose of any mouldy materials in sealed plastic bags. Its also important to have a periodic carpet cleaning done by a professional carpet cleaner to make sure any mould that is present is thoroughly removed. Find a firm that uses green-friendly methods for cleaning – youll find that for carpet cleaning London now offers many .panies who can clean your carpets with non-toxic chemicals that wont add to your respiratory problems. Dont let mould endanger your familys health – take steps to make sure your home is safe and mould-free." About the Author: 相关的主题文章: