Tourism "body" and "experience" to a high degree of matching "eleven" golden week on the end, a variety of inventory is also scheduled to. "Big data look back to two prominent characteristics: first, Chinese tourism volume is very large, reflected in the travel trips, tourism revenue, traffic throughput, tourists in the scenic spots; two is the golden week period many people travel experience is very bad, reflected in the scenic area service to keep up with the traffic congestion tourists, ripped off and so on. In this way, can show the size of the big and experience the difference between the two sides, so some people feel that the holiday is not casual, did not get its corresponding satisfaction and happiness. Large volume, visitors blowout, by the current level of vacation and vacation arrangements, not just because of the large population, scenic reception capacity is insufficient. Under the current economic and employment situation, paid vacation, holiday peak, most only stay in the "advocate" level, and not carried out. "May Day" golden week cancellation, the Spring Festival Golden week to family reunion as the theme, but the "eleven" golden week for travel. For there is no summer vacation, it is difficult to enjoy the salaried workers, in addition to the eleven travel opportunities, like no choice. Poor experience is mainly due to a serious shortage of tourism production capacity. At present, the development of domestic tourism industry depends more on the improvement of people’s life, but not the tourism industry to improve the level of service. The vast majority of scenic spots are in "look at the scene, around the temple, take pictures, buy some souvenirs stereotyped" stereotypes, put in place in the area of counseling mechanism, service facilities, reception ability and meticulous work are not participating and experiencing leisure arrangements less and less. A number of scenic spots over enlarged to make money, wanton indulgence of the service, the traveler experience has become inevitable. Tourism volume blowout and tourists experience lag, has become a prominent contradiction in China’s tourism industry. Behind the blowout of the tourism industry, is the people to improve the quality of life of the simple yearning, is the embodiment of the people’s consumption capacity. The level of development of the tourism industry with the match, the heart of the heart of the tourism experience into a comfortable leisure memory, is to treat this love life trend promising. How to solve this contradiction, put forward higher requirements to the related management and Service Department of tourism. Comprehensive planning and effective guidance, scientific management, strong constraint, not just empty talk. Whether it is scenic, Tourism Bureau, or local government departments, should have higher pattern and position, instead of focusing on how much money the ticket money, otherwise, the annual tourist event is only a false prosperity, the accumulation of foam will become sarcastic. Improve the consumer experience, is the present and even future period of time, need to work together. Let go of the deterioration of tourism experience, and so many tickets, scenic income, it is difficult to continue, sooner or later will face the punishment of market choice. Tourism "volume" pace too fast, have to wait for a tourist experience footsteps, only the "mass tourism" and "tourism experience" to match the height to fully release China tourism capacity, to stimulate domestic demand Chinese economy, also has a very important significance.相关的主题文章: