Tokyo is the capital of Japan? Google: it is wrong to you dear friends ah ~ you heard me! Water can make the car engine heard today a tiger with wings added such a statement, said the water added to the automobile engine in the engine is particularly good. At first heard this statement I refused to believe that the engine that is the heart of the car, ah, how can you casually add water? After a careful study found that, as if it is not unreasonable. Like the BOSCH WaterBoost, will use the sprinkler with distilled water spray to the engine inlet, thereby cooling in the combustion chamber, which can effectively reduce the probability of detonation, improve the compression ratio of the engine and efficiency. As a result, BOSCH said that when accelerating or on the road, WaterBoost can reduce fuel consumption by up to 13%. That’s a lot of money. The seeds of the second-hand car sold repeatedly traced vehicle kilometers from a variety of fifty thousand adjustable table said that since the car we come to talk about the second-hand car trading platform provider. Recently the seeds of second-hand car straight sell web is properly on the public opinion in the teeth of the storm, the media broke the car odometer tampering, mileage fraud problems. A Mr. Sun on the platform to buy a car, buy time to show the mileage is only more than 9 thousand kilometers, or quasi new car. What problems did not find in the car when the check, will start to buy. But never thought ah, the car for a few days the engine will appear all sorts of problems, on the high speed transmission and even sudden failure, almost rear ended. This is terrible, Mr. Sun immediately and send the car to the 4S shop to check, do not check not know, check jump. Maintenance mileage shows the last maintenance of the car has been opened to 54294 km. In the end, only to understand that this car was bought as a network before the car every day on the road, the use of high-intensity. Tut…… Platform is really responsible for hin…… 11 district people shocked: Google exposure in Japan there is no legal capital below we come to ask you a question, I would like to ask you all know where is the capital of Japan? Tokyo, right? This can be wrong, if you look at the OK Google where is the capital of Japan, it will tell you that there is a capital city of japan". Is that true? Don’t say, this is really no problem, because Japan’s "capital construction law" as early as in 1956 was abolished, and the current Japanese law does not make the capital is where. We all think that Tokyo is the capital, or because Tokyo is the Japanese royal family and the state seat of government, is a common, rather than strictly legal. After being forced to Amway this fact, only to find that Japan is such a no capital of japan…… I felt like I was in politics…… The United States announced plans for nuclear fusion power plant: "Energy Star" at the end of the day we’ll say inexhaustible nuclear fusion power plant plan under the U.S. ~ recently, U.S. Department of energy laboratory Princeton plasma physicists published a paper in the Journal of "nuclear fusion", they announced the development of a new generation of nuclear fusion equipment plan. They are planning to build a "star in the pot" as we all know相关的主题文章: